Uhmah Park

This shit here is the guts

the music playing made this shit hella funny to me.
that and the fact that the audience didnt realize that big ass whale was trying to eat dude till he kept trying to jonna his ass.

but honestly… thats pinkos for you… this big ass muthafuckin whale just tried to fuck him up… and when the mad whale runs out of fuckin energy… the muhfucka gonna pet him like “awwww its ok. i know we be goin thru it some times, but we gone work it out…. ” lol lil do he know, that whale was on some…. nigga im still hungry… when i catch my second wind… imma eat yo punk ass lol

dude should have tried to sock that big muthafucka in the eye lol. like back up off me homie!!
aint no way lol

at the end muthafuckas started clappin n shit lol for what? lol because he didnt get eaten? lol i swear lol.
congradulations on managing to some how NOT ending up as whale shit. although… if you wouldnt have had your punk ass in the got damn tank with an animal 90 times your size… this could have all been avoided! way to fuckin go, balding guy.

hes lucky he didnt catch that cold seal manuvier when they be smackin them muthafuckas out the water with thier tales…. lmao that shit is the funniest shit to see… them seals be trying they DAMDEST to get away… and they get snatched up by them killer whales… and then TENDERIZED! they be smackin they ass 40 feet out the water n shit… the seals be doing all kinda summersalts in the air and hittin the water HELLA hard lol. if that whale would have bruted that muthafucka out the tank and into the stand some where… i think i would have pissed on my self.

but yea man… whales make me nervious… do you realize how big a fucking whale is?!
gotdamn… i swear if i was ever in the ocean and one just swam by me, id bitch right the fuck up. id damn near feel better if i was in the water with a shark. a shark might fuck around and end up dinner fuckin around with me… shark is good as fuck lol. but fuck… whales are muthafuckin huge!!! and can have thier way with you.. and you cant do shit about it at ALL… all you can do is pray for your life… and beg for mercy lol. if that dont work… youre just assed out on several levels.
i cant type this shit no more… whales really make me fuckin nervious lol.
not PICTURES of whales. or a whale in a costume…
im talkin about the actual creature in the sea… ive never seen one. and im really cool on being hella close to one lol.


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