Uhmah Park

A wise man ( Albert Enstien i hear ) once said:

The only different between Stupidity and Genius is, Genius has its limits.

when i first heard that shit, i couldnt stop fuckin laughin lol.


I frequent walmart often. as im sure alot of people do. and for a long time, i couldnt understand thier security system. Now i cant speak for all the walmarts across the country. but i know most of the ones i been in. when you leave. they have some random ass senior citizen posted at the fuckin door. asking to see your receipt, you know, to make sure you aint stealing shit.
my question USED to be… ok. if i DID want to steal something… how exactly does this old muthafucka, plan on stoping me from taking whatever i fuckin feel like?? im rather certain that muthusula up here… is NOT going to chase my black ass if the alarms go off lol, and even if they did… aint no way in the fuck they are gonna catch me lol. i thought walmart was a buncha dirty muthafuckas for having old people at the door like that lol. some of them… take thier “inventory control” job way too seriously and will have you and the muthafuckas behind you posted at the gotdamn door. while thier hard of sight ass checks for every last item on the fuckin receipt.

but then the other day. it hit me. who ever came up with this fuckin plan is fucking brillant. Why? Put your self in the shoes of a theif. Say… you have the items you want to steal stashed away. And now its time to leave the store. Alot of thieves will buy something to cover up thier theif. some dont. but no matter what. youre gonna have to walk past this old ass person at the door. and they are gonna look at you… and say, bye! thanks for coming to walmart or whatever they say. Think about how that would make you feel probably. it would make you feel like you was stealing from an old person.
Do you know how low down of a son of a bitch a muthafucka would have to be to steal from the elderly?!?!?!?! or even worse… your grandma/grandpa!!! i know it would make me feel like im stealing from an old person lol. im pretty sure this has turned away more walmart thief that can honestly be acounted for lol.

BRILLIANT! like the beer commercial lol.

But this also brings me to another thought i had.

There is no way to tell some one, the shit they are involed in is stupid. or you think its stupid. BUT! still wanting to convey the idea that you think what they are involed in is stupid. or aint the smartest shit for a muthafucka to be involed in. like… ok, this is clearly a fuckin scam lol.

like when people ask me. OJ, why arent you a ________ ? ( fill in the blank, i know what im talking about lol. but eehhh crucifiction is better left for muthafuckas who aint me. ) i have to go into this long ass explanation. instead of telling them. well… because, im not a gotdamn idiot lol
How could anybody take that in a “nice” way?
Even if i said. Well, because im not so easy to fool. Anybody with half a brain would realize. Well… clearly im the fool. im speaking in a ” come joint my organization ” requerument type situation.
lol there really aint a nice way to convey the fact that you dont want to join because you think anybody who is affliated with that particular group is a dumb ass. lol
well… at least i aint came up with a way yet. lol oh well.
ill just be an asshole till i can some with some different shit lol.


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