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Funk Flex is gonna choke R. Kelly ass out when he see’s him

Or at least thats what the hell it looks like from this video that he posted on youtube. In an unrelated note, I like that Youtube is now 1 damn word lol.

but peep the video tho lol.

this nigga was ALL tight lipped. He has the nigga imma CHOKE yo black ass when I see you, look on this face. Which, personally, I’d like to fucking see lol. Flex is huge. Kels… I wouldnt say he was small. But Id say he was smaller than Flex therefore hugely disadvantaged in a physical confrontation. Like I said just a few measly words ago. I would LOVE to see this happen.
Not because I think R. Kelly is some sick fuck or whatever. I just honestly want to see famous people fight lol.

Not to mention, I think there are people that just need an ass kicking or 4 to act right. Which would then bring us to the sick fuck part regarding R. lol. “What do you mean by teenagers” first of all, fuck the fact that he let that phrase escape from his mouth. Did you hear the nigga voice quiver when he said it!??! LOL!! He sounded either excited to hear about teenagers or shook, on some “Nigga why you asking me that? what you know nigga what you know?!?!”

This nigga knows, just like every other nigga knows, what the fuck any other nigga MEANS when he say… TEENAGER! Especially when your Black ass just got offa trail for fuckin teenagers, and your ass in doing a fucking interview about how you got away with fucking a teenager, and how you maintain your innocence.
Then the nigga proceeds to give the guiltiest answer possible, with out saying… “umm i mean, naw i dont be fucking lil girls”

I didnt watch the whole interview. I really try to not watch BET as much as possible. Except for Comic View. I love that shit lol. But I really hate watching commercials on BET. I feel like they make me dumb. Or that the people at BET think IM fucking stupid. It bothers me fundamentally lol.
PLUS, what I dont think most niggas realize… who CLAIM they dont watch BET, or talk that bullshit like… I only watch for this and that show. Then turn around and bitch and complain about what the fuck is on. This is what you niggas dont realize. BET gets paid off the commercials you assholes watch. So thats why they continue to program bullshit. Because clearly muthafuckas is watching enough for them to get paid off of ads. There for shit like The Black version of every MTV show continuously get added to the rotation, because muthafuckas is watching the commercials.
And please dont waste my gotdamn time talking about, I dont even watch the commercials, they just be on. Because then you will sound like R. Kelly and / or Sarah Palin (with her dumb ass) and I will feel free to disrespect you openly. lol
Oh yea, tivo’n shit on BET counts as watching the commercials too. At least for the most part. The shits recorded as a watched show.
So all you muthafuckas who bitch about BET, but turn to see whats on anyway. You are part of the problem you complain about. Congratulations. Youre also responsible for R. Kelly getting away with the shit he got away with.
High five to Flex for taking responsibility lol.

Id love to see Flex spear R. Kelly backstage at a concert or something lol. And I really dont have a strong dislike for R. Kelly. I just dont fuck with the dude no more. I dont know what he does or dont do. I personally blame everybody invovled and Id rather just remove myself from dealing with the shit. Rather that wasting my breath talking about Fuck R Kelly he is a sick fuck lol. So? There are millions of sick people walking around. Its all relative, honestly. In other countries, 16 is OOOOOTay! And who is to say that their culture is wrong. I personally rather scoff at preist touching on lil boys. Thats far more way gross, than some fast ass lil girl that signed up for it, knowing she’ll be legal soon (you girls know how yall think lol)
But Id like to see Flex spear hook R. Kelly because I think the shit would seriously be funny as fuck. I love fights lol.

I should start taking bets on whats the over/under on some celeb, or even better… some would be celeb (looking to be famous)… taking vigilante justice in their respective hands and attack R. Kelly. lol

Lastly Id like to say, dont R sound country as fuck? Maybe its because Im from LA. That nigga sounds like he has heavy bamma roots running through his blood. We all know how them niggas get down. I dont know why this shocks any one to be honest. No, thats not a knock on bammas. Well not really lol. I happen to be related to my fair share from a red state or 3. Them niggas… You would be surprised to find out whats OK in some of those areas. Im not trying to look down on nobody, but im also not trying to fucking participate. Just laugh from here and keep it moving!

high five to … thats where I got this shit from.

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