Uhmah Park


my heart is broken…

you cant use these shits on a PC…

i want to fuckin cry….

is there a way to make it crack?

i want one so so bad 🙁

id fight mike tyson for one ( for one round lol fuck that lol )

fuck the world… it is so cruel to me… why why why?

in order to get one… id have to cross over to the…… “dark side”

and get a damn mac…. i refuse to comply!

this is some fragel nagel bullshit ( stealing brutha dubs terminology for a hot one )

foreal man….

my feelings are hurt…

but here goes syl…

sent me tha damn link ( after that big ol let down after commin back from FRYS )

then started playin some punk ass song where tha hook goes ” you cant always get what you want ”

stupid shit…. i hate tha fuckin song… ol dumb ass song.

fuck fuck fuck…

i refuse to cross over!