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Frunk as Duck

Credit: Calvin Smith for that shit there.
lol that shit is still funny to me..

Frunk will now be my new word for being extra faded.

With that said. i have a statment to make:

Frunk swimming is terribly underrated!
wooo boy!

the other day, we got frunk as duck ( indeed! ) offa two pitchers of mararitias… it was like 5 of us. i had more than 10 cups. jumped in the fuckin pool around 11pm. it was great. the jucuzzi super cracked as well.
but a nigga was hung the fuck over the next day. wooo but mylanta took care of that. i tried to fuck with some tequilla the next day and couldnt bare the smell. i think i wont get drunk again till Kkarma comes out ( yea right lol )

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I told you… stop fucking with cheap liquor… it ain’t about the “right now” b.c you WILL get drunk regardless… however TOMORROW is when that shit counts, lol. Frunk as Duck… I must admit, that shit is funny… I resisted “the guts” and all that other bullshit, but this I may have to use 🙂

Haha. Your site is funny and you are cute. 🙂 Not sure how I ran across it, but reading it made me laugh. Jerry Rice does look like Predator. Too funny. I’ll check you out more often. Where are your pics?

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