Uhmah Park

im not the friendliest muthafucka. ive never claimed to be nice or anything like that.

but… on New Years Eve… i turn into a completely different person lol. i speak to EVERY fuckin body. im friendly with everybody… i be givin out hugs and be on some HAPPY NEW YEARS shit all day. especially if im drunk… wooo… i even be friendly with white people.

Actually… im pretty friendly when im drunk in general.

i guess what im trying to say is… New Years is my favorite “holiday” i love that shit… i didnt realize how much i love new years till the other day. i be in the greatest mood. this guy asked me for some money ” to help him eat ” i didnt have no change or cash on me for that matter… but i bought him two granola bars… he was confused at first… but i was like, dogg… there yours! thats all the food they really got in there… and i dont have no cash… HAPPY NEW YEAR! lol he looked like he was wit it… earned me a God Bless Ya Brutha lol.New Years is the shit.

My other favorite time of the year is the LA AUTO SHOW! damn! i love the fuckin la auto show. this was my second time going this year. my favorite thing to do is to hop in and out of the cars… and see how i fit in them. This year tho… i went with my father… and he was rushin my black ass, and didnt let me sit in the damn cars… its cool tho… i MIGHT go again… but i dont know… it all depend on how i feel and how early i wake up on tuesday ( when ill have free time to go ). but yea… the la auto show is like a fuckin UN confrence… all kinda people be there… all nationallities… its pretty dope… you can see all the different types of muhfuckas that populate the great city of los angeles. its pretty great. i be out there… being all nice and friendly big black guy out there n shit lol…

definitly not something i could do all the time… but for these two times… it cracks!


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