Uhmah Park

Some people might find it odd to find out that I dont think that Red and Green match all that much. Its an ugly color combo to me. I think most Xmas decorations suck lol. I only have one exception to the green/red rule. Gucci, lol. I think Gucci and Prada are just tops, seriously. As well as anything Gucci Inspired. Even Skateboard shoes, which I usually never buy. Which I personally would find odd from the outside looking in. But its me, so I understand. It cracks.. The End. As far as Im concerned lol.

I want these shits so bad, I dont know what to fucking do lol. In both color ways.

Did I mention that Im a big fan of Crooks And Castles anyway? These shits is bangin. Im thinking I will be on Melrose when these drop. See you there lol.

Vans Fremont High x Crooks & Castles – Gucci inspired