Uhmah Park

i hate people who send spam….
i wonder how much money is in that shit… then i probably wouldnt be so mad at spam if i was actually one of the assholes sending it.

but anyway….

i got this dumb ass spam email today…. that said…
” FREAKISHLY BIG COCKS!!! ” ( sigh… i know i should put a period in that shit some where ) and showed pictures of females and freakishly big cocks and various sex acts lol i couldnt imagine havin a 18 inch dick and trying to get some ass… or even some head for that matter….
anyway… me and kwasi was talkin about it lol

Kwasi: dick all tattered and bruised
Kwasi: lookin like it fought mohammed ali
O.com: LOL!!!!
O.com: LMAO!!!
Kwasi: or got caught in a foreman grill
O.com: OUCH!
O.com: that aint even funny lol
Kwasi: hahahah
O.com: particularly because im tall
O.com: and my shit be right there every time i cook something on the foreman
O.com: lol and the other day
O.com: i burned my ASS on sylvias coffee lol
Kwasi: muhahahaha
O.com: i turned around and bumped her coffee mug that was extra close to the edge of the counter… with HOT ASS coffee in it, with my ass… and didnt really notice…
O.com: then like a second later
O.com: my shit caught fuckin FIRE
Kwasi: this has been another “i’m glad i’m not that tall” moment
Kwasi: brought to u by the makers of napolean pumps
O.com: LMAO
O.com: hell naw

funny how conversations just move on to other retarded shit lol


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