Uhmah Park


If you dont know by now, I fancy myself a critic of commercials. No Im not in marketing orĀ advertising… not really at least. But I love a good commercial.

Clearly the apex of this commercial for me is when the white guy goes “Foreals Player???” Every time I think about that shit, I laugh. The look on this mans face as he says it is fuckin pricesless!!! But whats damn near just as funny, is that I feel that who ever put this commercial together, named the main character “Lawrence” on purpose. You cant take all your dirty racist insensitive jokes from here. Im just pointing out things that really happen in the commercial lol. But to be honest, the whole name thing wasnt funny until the “Foreals Player??” part, then the rest of the explanation behind the set up and what have you. Gotdamn this shit is the fucking GUTS!!!
Oh, and lets not forget about soccer…Ā rehearsalĀ lmao.

I need to come up wit h some kind of awesome Dylan scale of hot fire hotness for Commercials. Stay Tuned!