Uhmah Park

im not a follwer like calvin said he is…. lol but imma buss this shit too… just because i feel like it.

1. What was the first band you saw in concert?

The Wu Tang Clan… this shit was fun as hell. there was a buncha opening acts… but the reason i spent my money was because of mos def and tony touch and the wu.
mos def is live as fuck in concert…
tony touch is tight as well… he gets busy on some turn tables… lol he need to set the mic down for a bit lol.
the the wu came out one at a time… doin a verse from whatever track. the reason i was so hyped about this shit because ALL them niggas was there except for ODB because he was locked up around the corner at the san bernardino jail lol ( i was at the orange show for the oracle concert ) by the time them niggas was done… they was blowed as fuck lol. only thing that killed it was the wu affliates that got on after them and didnt know when to stop freestylin. but i was on my way out socializing and all kinda other shit… so i didnt really pay that much attention anyway. me and that nigga John went… that shit was live as fuck. that was the only concert ive ever been too tho…
( for Deah: i was caught in the moment at this shit… in the crowd… jumpin up and down n shit… yelling the songs… i feel like an asshole now that i actually think about it… )

2. Who is your favorite artist/band now?
i have a lot of favorites in a lot of different musical catorgories…
ill just go off whats in my car right now which is most of my Jazz Collection. my car deck plays mp3 data disc… so there is like 200 songs including 7 albums on that one disc. My favorites on that disc would be Miles and John Coltrane… i suppose that is some what of a commercial pick but i dont giva flyin fuck. i can listen to blues and ballands and kind of blue all day… the only Coltrane album/cd i have is A love supreme and i love that shit too… i have a lot of individual tracks by Coltrane and im pretty sure ive made up at least two albums but id have to shift thru all my mp3’s and get them shits together…
i dont really like any of the new jazz out… most of that shit is terrible. im more into the classic shit. i forget the era it is that i favor exactly… its big band and something else.. i cant remember.

3. What’s your favorite song?
some of my favorite jazz tracks off that cd would be:
Stolen Moments – Oliver Nelson — this is probably the song i favorite out of my whole collection. which would make it my favorite i guess lol
Save your Love for me – Nancy Wilson and Cannonball Aderly — great great great song… i almost wish i had somebody to dedicate this shit to… but all the muhfuckas in my life that are gone… are gone for a reason!
Cold Duck Time – Les McCann and Eddie Harris
Compared to What – Les McCann and Eddie Harris — GOTDAMMIT! ( you would have to know the song to know what im talkin about )
Take 5 – The Dave Brubeck Quartet — this shit here is great!
Speak No Evil – Wayne Shorter
Four on Six – Wes Montgomery
A love Supreme, the whole shit – John Coltrane
Freddie the Freeloader – Miles Davis — my dad used to say this was me and my sisters song when we was little lol nigga used to call us freeloaders lol like we was suppose to make a way for ourselves at 10 and 8 lol
So What – Miles Davis — YES! ( like marv albert )
Three Little Words – John Coltrane — youre under arrest ( NIGGA! lol )
Grazin in the Grass – Hugh Masakela
Mode for Joe – Joe Henderson
Equinox – John Coltrane — i have the whole album this is from… i just dont know what its called, i think its called giant steps but im not sure…
The pink panther theme
the peanuts theme
there is this track by marcus miller that i fuckin love… but i cant never remember the gotdamn name of the song… it came out when i was little and they used to play it on the wave ( a radio station out here ) for the promo. fuck it…

lol ill be doing this shit all day let me move the hell on.

4. If you could play any instrument, what would it be?
I used to play the alto sax in the 4th grade… but i got lazy and quit– really what it was… i got tired of carrying that shit to school on music day. but my whole goal was to play the pink pather theme… i love that shit.

5. If you could meet any musical icon (past or present), who would it be and why?
eh… im cool on meeting people… celebs are normal people who get more attention than the rest of society. some are stranger than others ( take mike for example… ) but its not like i wanna see how they make thier music or anything… because then i wouldnt like it… im a after market person… i cant even look at my own artwork, flash work, web site and like them shits immediatly after i finish them… i have to not look at them shits for a few days to actually say… damn.. thats pretty good. thats just me tho.
if anything… i would love to have been to have been at a live proformance or two. but yea… i cant think of any body id like to meet… im just not interested.
Actually… the only Celeb id actually like to meet is Tatyanna Ali… and not for her musical talent. lol she is beautiful — if youve saw the first episodes of fastlane… youd be on tha same shit i am currently on.


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