Uhmah Park


For 90 years we’ve been trying to get more black men on TV

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Since I got a new gig that doesnt have its own office and TV, I’m forced to watch @TamronHall and my @MSNBC news over the net at the office. Quick Disclaimer, I love Tamron Hall, she is the whole reason I even discovered MSNBC. Anyway. The first 30 seconds of this video was HILARIOUS! Here they are talking about jails vs education spending, and most of the panel are Black men.

As out of breath Ben Jealous is, he brings up some really good points lol. This man needs to hit the track so he cant make an easier to hear point lol.

But no foreal… knowledge is power. The more money spent on education, the less criminals there will. Criminals are criminals because they’re dumb. Theres no such thing as a smart criminals. Because in order for you to be a criminal, you have to get caught. If youre too smart to get caught, that means youre not a criminal. Just a law breaker lol.

Will education make you a better law breaker? Depends on if you want to be a lawyer, work on wall street, or become a politician. Ironic lol.