On GP (General Purposes)

For $5,000 Would You…

before i ask this question…
let me explain why i say, “Would you, for 5g’s”, because 5g’s aint alot of money… but it is, but it aint lol. its enough for you to say fuck it… i aint doing that shit!! but its enough to pay off some bills and buy something you been wanting to save up for.
you know what time sayin?
but chances are, if you would do it for 5k, youd do it for 50 bucks too lol.

So now, on to my question.

Would you, for Five Thousand Smackers, kiss a mentally retarded person? not just any mentally retarded person. window lickin, noise making, droolin sometimes, walk funny, talk funny. all that… im not crackin jokes. im talkin about all the shit people mock when they speak on mentally retarded individuals.
And im not talkin about a peck… im talkin about a open kiss in the mouth, touge kiss. for at least 20 seconds.

Think about it, visually see your self doing that shit.
you know you went to highschool with somebody that meets tha criteria.
Could you?
Would you?

17 replies on “For $5,000 Would You…”

hmmmm, are we talking Corky from Life Goes On retarded? Beetlejuice from the Howard Stern Show retarded? or Arnie Grape from What’s Eating Gilbert Grape retarded?

*looks at empty pockets*

Shiiiiiiiiit as broke as I am … my only angle is that they better be female other than I’ll slob her down through the helmet. And man if she starts makin those wild animal noises, “UGGGGGAH THGGGG uhhhgHHHH” that shit there turns me on .. you might have to pay me another $1000 to stop.

ummm, scared as I am of retarded people i would only begin to ponder it for a minimum of like 100K.

i’m freaking out at the mere thought of kissing a Corky. *screams*

Hell muhfuckin’ yeah, I’d do that shit! I’d make a handicapped dude the happiest mufucka on the planet for at least 20 seconds of his life…

But if he tried to feel me up and get REALLY into it…I’d have to knock his ass out and run with the money…

Gimmie the loot, gimmie the loot!

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