fo’ life

for some reason….

i feel like bangin the first two mack 10 cd’s

i miss them shits….

….. i can dance under water… and not get wet…

but im madder than a sumbitch tho…

ol commerical ass muthafuckas on winmx aint got NO muthafuckin mack10 shit no where ( no old shit at least ). its hard loving old gangsta rap… that shit is hard to find even in the stores. ah well… fuck it.

ill find that shit one day… i always do.

fo liiiiiiiiiife… fo liiiiiiiiife…MACK TEEEEN… burning thru the hood wit striiiiiiiiiipes ( or some shit like that lol )

One Response to “fo’ life”

  1. Ro Mac

    get a life you white fuck
    you aint foolin’ noone with that “gangsta” trash your talkin
    try doing something with your life….LIKE GETTING A JOB
    dumb fucker
    signed, NWA!