On GP (General Purposes)

…. really. its not hard to figure out.

ill admit… im kinda obsessed with my date of birth. only because its the most exciting time of the year for me. i suppose if the most exciting time of the year for me was ground hog day…. the url might be a tad different. heh.

but as for now…. it is what the fuck it is. today is my birthday, and im fucked fucked fucked the fuck up. but i feel hella great! a nigga is 26. and i thank God that i made it to see it thru this far. hopefully, there will be many more years ahead.

but im off for inbration levels unknown…..

Yay for me and no one else!!!!
except for the people with my same birthday… i know like 5 people with my same birthday… shits crazy. that has to be some kinda fuckin record. real shit….

but yea… im done, and its only 9:45… YES SIR!!!


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Happy birthday, Twin!
I know this is late, O but dayum…I called you already!!!
Hope it was great…mine was kinda shitty. Maybe we can catch up and I’ll tell you some time….

Much luv yo’ homie from Canada,

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