Uhmah Park

i have some odd addictions.

i love them… and i dont care… fymf.

one of my new ones.

Barqs root beer – werid thing is… i dont even fuckin like rootbeer… but i will fuck me up some barqs.

not so new… not so weird.

Craps – went to vegas this feburary… i love craps… shit is fun as shit.

not all that weird… at least i dont think.

pacing- i can pace for hours at a time… not thinking about a muthafuckin thing. its almost better than sleep.

not really werid… but weird to be addicted to.

Mp3’s- i have more music than tha law allow…. ive only met 2 people with more music than i got. i like when people wanna get loud around here ( i have 2 floor model 12 inch speakers and a 400 watt amp )… i have more music than they have time. i had to delete winmx off of my computer at one point because i was runnin out of room on my HD… and i hadnt listened to half tha shit i downloaded. im still hella behind on shit from like march.

not too werid ( will i ever spell this fuckin word right? ) but not too common.

Shirts with art work on them- i have a thing about shirts with dope shit on em… ( as im sure most muhfuckas do ) but i apperciate the artwork… i should make t shirts. i think i will. if i can get em printed pretty cheap ( fuck cafepress by the way ). actually… time out… now that i think about it… i have an addiction to clothes period. ( i just took a look over at my closet ). im not a snazzy dresser or no shit like that… i just like to buy clothes and shoes.

a couple of old addictions… not too werid… but ive heard they were.

peanut butter and jelly sammishes, and orange juice. – homer drool

could it be weird? you be the judge

granola, not the bar… but in the bag or cereal box- gotdammit this shit is fuckin great. period

not really strange or werid… just not good.

cussing- i love to cuss. i dont know what my damn problem is. and ive tried to tone it down ( believe me i have ) but its something i just enjoy for some reason. im almost ashamed to admit the shit. but fuck it…. and fuck all nay sayers lol

anyway… i think there is more… but fuck it.

i know i havent posted shit here in a cool min… and i dont really think i will be too much. well… not my own personal thoughts… i started this shit because i think of some off shit some time… but lately… all i have been thinkin about is how i can make more money and how to put my company at the top of the game. and i really wouldnt wanna share those thoughts lol. not that all i have are retarded ass funny thoughts ( i dont think tha shit is all that funny most of the time but fuck it. )… i do think about serious shit. im just a private person… and i dont like to put my self out there for the world to see like that.

so for the next few weeks ( or untill i get tired of it… or untill i run out of content ) i will be posting gutty AIM conversations.

because the people on my buddy list crack me tha fuck up lol.