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Fat Bastard

first of all… i would like to ask… why cant shit ever be easy for me?
just routine shit… takes all fuckin night/day/week/month long…

like when i changed this site… i just wanted to make a simple tempary layout till i get the other shit i REALLY wanted to do going… but just have something simple up because i hated greymatter. shit was suppose to take a couple hours… how long did it take? A WEEK!!! 5 muthafuckin days….
thats just one example…

Sigh… any-muthafuckin-way.

im sittin here HELLA EXCITED about my new hard drive i bought from frys… a western digital 120 gig hard drive… with a 8mb cache!!! that shit was only 200 bucks! with a 5 dollar rebate… i almost got the 200 gig… but i was like fuck it… and got a play station game and dolimite on dvd. IT CRACKS! im hella excited right now… i cant wait to fill this muthafucka up!! i have 20 gigs of music that needs to be moved and a bunch more on the way. ( you got something good? let a nigga know! im lookin for a buncha shit )
anyway… i have named my new Harddrive Fat Bastard… he is 120 gigs of hot sexy storage fo dat ass!!! Get in mah BELLAH!!!

im sorry… im excited… it doesnt happen much… nor does it last that long… and nobody is awake to share my damn joy… so blam… here it is.

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Dolemite is a funny ass movie man….

My favorite 2 parts are:
1)when he says, “You muthafuckas better let me pass, before I put these hush puppies up your ass”

2)when this other dude says to some random hooker, “I am Joe, de lover man. You should be paying me!”…priceless comedy….

Anyway….I can’t believe they gave you a $5 rebate on a $200 buck item!!…that’s like a 2.5% discount….that’s like going to a fancy steak restuarant and getting a free coke….LOL

or maybe I’m just jealous cuz you have HELLA hard drive space now….

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