Uhmah Park

its a lil known fact that FALL is short for Football ALL the time. yes… thats right… Football ALL the time…. but you know black people be shortining shit up… so now its FALL… lol

i swear football is the only good thing about the sumer comming to an end. and summer is great. great enough to not go crazy with no sports. and im pretty sure some asshole is gonna invade my comments with some dumb shit about baseball. But, truth of the matter is… baseball sucks homie… and is NO WHERE NEAR as exciting as football or basketball. Have you ever heard an annoucer for a baseball game? if he talked just a tad bit lower… you wouldnt know if it was a baseball game or a fucking golf match. Well maybe except for the RARE occastion that somebody hits one deep… or something that might go deep. even the highlights for baseball are hella boring. so fuck baseball… baseball doesnt count. So back to Football. Football is great.

and what better way to start off football season with jokes!

MAX: why jerry rice look like the predator?
MAX: he do
MAX: that recedin hairline
MAX: with fuckin dreads
OJ: that is the fucking guts
MAX: whats that all about…
OJ: i dont know dogg lol
MAX: thats how he be gettin open
MAX: he hit that lil invisible shit on his wrist
MAX: pop up where aint nobody at
OJ: holy shit lmao
MAX: see, all this time people thought it was cuz he was fast…
MAX: its alien technology

gutty shit.


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