Uhmah Park

Man… I know I really need my black ass whooped something terrible. But like two months ago… I FINIALLY saw The Kings Of Comedy… yea yea yea yea I know gotdammit… spare me… please.


I was sittin up there the other day ( and I took my time posting this shit because I had to make sure I wasn’t trippin lol ) and I thought to my self… hmm… Cedric the Entertainer was talking about callin another man “Delicious”. He said that a muhfucka couldn’t yell that shit down tha street and not sound gay as fuck… lol nigga said… imma GROWN ASS MAN DOGG!!! How imma call another nigga DELICIOUS?!?!?!

Now think about that shit… think about if you on tha street n shit… and tha homie name is “ Fabolous “ ?!???!?!?!?! tell me you gonna yell that shit down tha street if you see that nigga…

FIRST of fuckin all lol… look at YOUR self and wonder why in the HELL do you gotta homie that calls his fuckin self FABOLOUS?

That’s some shit when you minding your fuckin business… and aint payin attention… and then somebody you know, walk up on yo ass… out the DAMN blue and introduces their 6 foot tall 9 inch… 260 pound DRAG QUEEN brother… and you are already taken back to say the LEAST… because you wasn’t ready or warned. So you say whasup ( trying not to act any kinda way ) my name is ( insert tha name ya moms gave you ), nice to meet you ( or whatever you say ) and this muhfucka come back in that deep ass, girlie voice… talking about “ hiii… my name is FAAAABOLOUS “ and flicks their wig or some shit.

But a Rapper?!?! Named fabulous?? Lol dammit… am I tha only muhfucka that see a problem with this shit? Lol

And to make the murder complete ( to just kill the shit ) this nigga says that he is a “Pretty Thug”. Come on now dogg… what kinda shit is that? I bet fuckin Tupac is turning over in his fuckin grave… IF NOT tryin to dig his way out, and fuck somebody up. Pretty thug… somebody need to serve that nigga with a Ass Kicking Ticket as soon as possible.

Lol… yo… my name is Fabolous… and imma pretty thug.

Gaydar’s across America and Canada are going nuts at this very damn moment.

Lol and there have been numerious reports that dude was actually gay ( surprise sur-muthafuckin-prise muthafuckas ). Kickin it gay clubs and what not.

That’s one of them muhfuckas that be sending niggas notes on blackplanet talking about… yea I live in your area… I was wonderin how you kick it.

disclaimer* Lol don’t get me wrong… im not bad mouthing gay men or women… I basiclly have the generic argument or stance most muhfuckas have. Don’t hit on me… and there wont be a problem… I know a few gay people… and I don’t have no problems with none of em… ( I think a couple of em read this shit sometime ) they people just like everybody else. They just do tha shit they do. Im just not tryin to be involved with their whole… whatever they do as far as gay lifesyle dictates they do. And no… im not homophobic either.

But like Cedric said… imma grown ass man… how imma call a nigga Fabolous???