Uhmah Park

i hate when im online… and i hit up one of the homies… and a couple of minutes later… you get a message saying, ” so and so isnt here, this is his/her whatever the fuck… ill tell them you were trying to reach them ”

and i cant help but fuckin wonder… why in the hell dont you just turn the fuckin IM off?

what would be so gotdamn hard about that?
just turn the fuckin shit off… muhfucka can do all kinda other shit… why cant they turn AIM or some other shit off. it aint like its hard. or why dont they just ask somebody. instead of rollin up on you like THE NEXT DAY or later on talkin some shit like… ummm somebody named… ummm… the ultra uhmah said ” yo “. and then of course… youre not thinking they was on your AIM so you give them the ” Nigga Huh face “, and then on goes an annoying ass process of what in the fuck this person is talkin about.

but anyway… maybe thats just me. but i still dont see why people who use OTHER peoples computers dont log off thier AIM.
ol invastionof privacy ass muhfuckas.

what if you and your computer friend has some kinda werid shit going on. and a muhfucka hit you up like. SAY JIVE TURKEY… WHAS WRONG WIT YO NATRUAL?!?!

is invasion of privacy locc gonna know what tha fuck is going on or possibly comprehend after a long ass explaination?!?! NO!

right click… exit homie…

file… exit…

it aint hard…


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