Excuse Me Sir, Are You Dead?

So one random day last year, I had to get something done to my car. My trusty mechanic's trusty shop is in the heavily Latino populated part of town. So on this random day, when my car was finished being serviced. My mechanic parks my car in the lot next to his shop. I stroll over to get my car, then right as Im about to step into the car. I see this man right here, laid the hell out under this truck.

At first, I didnt know what to think. But It was hot as FUCK on this random ass day. So I thought, oh no? Maybe this guy is DEAD!? Was I about to be the next contestant on the first 5 minutes of a Criminal Scene Investigative Unit show? Well lets see? Let me get my white person on and take a closer look. Hold up. First let me take a picture lol. Then I inched closer to this guy. Still couldnt tell if he was breathing. So I inch closer. Not REALLY wanting to discover a dead body, I started to hope he was alive. Then I noticed that this dude was laid out on a big ass piece of card board. With the ground being hot as fuck. A dead guy wouldnt lay out a piece of card board to die on. I got close enough to smell a whole bunch of liquor coming off the guy. And then I noticed him breathing. So I figured as a Black Person my obligation to this situation had officially come to an end

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