Excuse Me, As I Kiss The Sky…

oh no, another blowed OJ entry. No… not quite. im not blowed yet. …. yet lol. i will be shortly.
but yea… i am playin some jimi… shits live son!
anyway… i just had a thought ( that i orginally had a few weeks ago ).

people try to say to me… hey OJ, youre a Smoker!

let me explain to every one why i am not a smoker. im just a guy who enjoys the company of ms mary j. from time to time.

but im not a smoker simply because ive NEVER purchased a lighter because i needed a lighter to get blowed. i promise… i never have. i damn near refuse to. but if you smoke with me, you probably have realized…. he always has a lighter if no one else does, or if i go over his house to smoke… he has a FEW lighters. why is that? he HAS to buy lighters. fuck that… no i dont. every lighter i now own… i stole lol. did i steal that shit just so i could smoke? nope! im not a total degenerate ( although, next entry we will be talking about degenerates, i promise!! lol ). i just happen to end up with them muthafuckas some how some why… i could have been chillin with somebody smokin and i was the last nigga with the lighter, and when i got to the house… what do i find in my pocket? a lighter. sometimes people just leave them in the car, or at the house or some shit. and now… i have a lighter.

so yea… i am not a smoker, because ive never bought a lighter to smoke.

Now i have bought a lighter to bbq some shit. and i did end up using it to spark a j or 8. but still… thats not what it was purchased for…. and it wasnt a regular lighter… it was a grill lighter lol.

anyway… im about to go watch the sheild………………. and smoke.

with the lighter the homie i havent seen since the 8th grade accidently left in my possesion one aurbitary day at my homegirls house, when niggas was outside smokin a blunt lol oops!

Hey nigga how you been? Nice seeing ya! Thanks for the lighter nigga! lol

5 Responses to “Excuse Me, As I Kiss The Sky…”

  1. Kelly

    hey dude…if you smoke…i think that means youre a so called smoker…lighters dont have anything to do with it..but who gives a damn..words are words..they only have the meaning you give to them…yeah i hang with mary from time to time…i guess some ignorant ppl call me a “stonner”…but w/e i dont care…ppl can think w/e the hell they want if it makes them feel better about their insecure little selves…wow that came out harsh..sry..anyway..the lesson here is smoke weed and everthing will be okay…haha
    peace out man