Uhmah Park

oh no, another blowed OJ entry. No… not quite. im not blowed yet. …. yet lol. i will be shortly.
but yea… i am playin some jimi… shits live son!
anyway… i just had a thought ( that i orginally had a few weeks ago ).

people try to say to me… hey OJ, youre a Smoker!

let me explain to every one why i am not a smoker. im just a guy who enjoys the company of ms mary j. from time to time.

but im not a smoker simply because ive NEVER purchased a lighter because i needed a lighter to get blowed. i promise… i never have. i damn near refuse to. but if you smoke with me, you probably have realized…. he always has a lighter if no one else does, or if i go over his house to smoke… he has a FEW lighters. why is that? he HAS to buy lighters. fuck that… no i dont. every lighter i now own… i stole lol. did i steal that shit just so i could smoke? nope! im not a total degenerate ( although, next entry we will be talking about degenerates, i promise!! lol ). i just happen to end up with them muthafuckas some how some why… i could have been chillin with somebody smokin and i was the last nigga with the lighter, and when i got to the house… what do i find in my pocket? a lighter. sometimes people just leave them in the car, or at the house or some shit. and now… i have a lighter.

so yea… i am not a smoker, because ive never bought a lighter to smoke.

Now i have bought a lighter to bbq some shit. and i did end up using it to spark a j or 8. but still… thats not what it was purchased for…. and it wasnt a regular lighter… it was a grill lighter lol.

anyway… im about to go watch the sheild………………. and smoke.

with the lighter the homie i havent seen since the 8th grade accidently left in my possesion one aurbitary day at my homegirls house, when niggas was outside smokin a blunt lol oops!

Hey nigga how you been? Nice seeing ya! Thanks for the lighter nigga! lol


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