Uhmah Park

I must know a buncha stupid ass people.

Why every time a nigga might be in a bad mood. or just not in the mood to crack a fuckin joke… why do people treat me like imma gotdamn monster. i fucking hate that shit. i am very muthafuckin capable of having a conversation when i aint in the greatest of moods. But all i get is… ” umm you arent acting like your self… im just going to leave you alone. ” that shit irritates me. shit like that be making me wanna delete a muthafucka information out of all my shit.
Maybe what the fuck i need, is for you ( whom ever ) to stop treating me like im the devil himself. And just talk like you intended on doing. if i didnt wanna fuckin talk… i would fuckin SAY SO! im too much of an asshole to be inconvinced when i dont feel like it, BY ANY MUTHAFUCKIN BODY. Anybody that knows me can verify this. Gotdamn that shit irritates me. Maybe whatever in the fuck you had to say might take my mind off the shit thats bothering me… or might give me a reason to cheer the fuck up. fuck… i dont know.

Next muthafucka say that shit to me… im cuttin they ass out my gotdamn life tottally…. fuck that, them and it! i dont give a flyin ass fuck if they read this shit or not. i cant take that shit no more.

And NO, talking out my problems… doesnt fucking work for me. that shit will only piss me off way more than i already was. A muthafucka asking me a BUNCHA fuckin questions about my foul ass mood, trying to come to some type of solution or make me feel better. That bullshit dont work either. thats actually the LAST muthafuckin thing i need to go thru when i dont feel all that great. I fuckin HATE to answer questions, i may ask a bunch… but normally, under most circumstances… i hate to fuckin answer questions. i promise any problem i have… i am beyond your ( whom evers ) help. especially if i dont fuckin come to you with it. or actually tell you what in the hell may be bothering me and then say ” dont worry about it”. Man DROP that shit homie… youre only gonna make shit worse by asking dumb ass questions. and offering even dumber ass solutions. Throughout my whole fucking life… ive only been offered less than fuckin FIVE solutions that actually made sense. THE ODDS AINT IN YOUR FUCKIN FAVOR!

imma reasonable muthafucka… i understand sometimes people are just trying to help and they care so they want to offer up a plate of feel good. but when im being hella kurt, and snappy. YOU ( whom ever ) cant tell that i dont fucking feel like going thru youre dumb ass interogation? shit. i cant fuckin take it no more. shit like this makes me want to become a muthafuckin hermit and live in the hills so i dont have to fuckin be bothered. just let me be, and talk like you was talkin… tell your fuckin joke, say what you was gone say. fuck.

id like to end this muthafuckin rant by saying….

the truth hurts…. violators of the truth will walk away wounded!


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