Everybody In The Chair Gettin Tipsy

Id like to start this shit off by saying. that i know alot of people think i aint shit. lol. so?
but, if some shit is fucking funny… its just fuckin funny. i dont care what the situation is. Anyway… i was talking to Resha the other day, and she reminded me of some funny shit that happen long time ago.

O.com (11:04:49 AM) : really what?
Resha (11:05:03 AM) : nevermind timmy
O.com (11:05:58 AM) : hey hey hey…
O.com (11:06:08 AM) : none of that… lol i told you im sleepy lol
O.com (11:06:17 AM) : you need to spot a nigga 20 extra points lol
Resha (11:06:21 AM) : u still timmy LOL
O.com (11:06:43 AM) : lol ill run into your ankels with my wheel chair!
Resha (11:07:13 AM) : ROFLMAO
Resha (11:07:15 AM) : hellnaw
O.com (11:07:23 AM) : you know how much that shit hurts?
Resha (11:07:38 AM) : i can imagine
O.com (11:07:43 AM) : i had this homeboy in the 7th grade
O.com (11:07:48 AM) : sigh…. man
O.com (11:07:52 AM) : that nigga was MEAN
O.com (11:08:01 AM) : i dont know what the fuck happen to him
O.com (11:08:11 AM) : but he could only move one arm
O.com (11:08:15 AM) : and barely move the other one
O.com (11:08:23 AM) : he was mexican
O.com (11:08:29 AM) : and he was a lil vato loco…
O.com (11:08:35 AM) : he didnt get shot or no shit
O.com (11:08:38 AM) : thats the way he was born
O.com (11:08:46 AM) : but he could draw like a muthafucka
O.com (11:24:34 AM) : lol man…. i wonder how dude is doing
O.com (11:24:38 AM) : he was hella little
O.com (11:24:50 AM) : if you stood him up… he woulda been no taller than the table..
Resha (11:24:57 AM) : LMAO
Resha (11:24:59 AM) : oh shit
O.com (11:25:02 AM) : he used to have on lil nike cortez n shit
O.com (11:25:49 AM) : lil ass raider jerseys n shit lol
O.com (11:25:59 AM) : well no.. them shits was outlawed at my jr high…
O.com (11:26:10 AM) : he used to wear them mesh jerseys
Resha (11:26:57 AM) : ROFLMAO
Resha (11:26:57 AM) : awwwwwwwwwww
Resha (11:27:03 AM) : the visual is killin me
O.com (11:27:10 AM) : you have no idea… trust me
O.com (11:08:51 AM) : anyway lol
O.com (11:08:56 AM) : the lil nigga was mean
O.com (11:09:01 AM) : and if he was mad at you
O.com (11:09:10 AM) : he would really hit you with his wheel chair
O.com (11:09:20 AM) : it was one of them ones with a lil push stick…
O.com (11:09:29 AM) : like a joy stick for him to guide that muhfucka
O.com (11:09:35 AM) : it was automattic n shit
O.com (11:09:39 AM) : man
O.com (11:09:43 AM) : that shit used to fuckin HURT
O.com (11:09:47 AM) : and what was you gonna do?
O.com (11:09:52 AM) : beat his ass?!?!?
O.com (11:09:54 AM) : NO!
O.com (11:10:05 AM) : that nigga was in a wheel chair and barely had use of his arms!!!
Resha (11:10:14 AM) : LMAO
O.com (11:10:19 AM) : he was fucking cold lol
O.com (11:10:30 AM) : he was a mean lil muhfuckas too
O.com (11:10:39 AM) : his name was alphonzo
O.com (11:10:45 AM) : alfonzo
O.com (11:11:01 AM) : lol i remember one day lol
O.com (11:11:03 AM) : in foods lol
O.com (11:11:10 AM) : because that was the class i had him in…
O.com (11:11:15 AM) : i dont know WHY he had foods
O.com (11:11:18 AM) : he never helped cook
O.com (11:11:22 AM) : … he couldnt
O.com (11:11:25 AM) : but still lol
O.com (11:11:34 AM) : he would just fuckin eat lol
O.com (11:11:38 AM) : but one day
Resha (11:11:40 AM) : ROFLMAO
O.com (11:11:46 AM) : the teacher was out of the class room…
O.com (11:11:59 AM) : and we was like… man
O.com (11:12:05 AM) : is that thing fun to roll around in?
Resha (11:12:13 AM) : ROFLMAO OMG
Resha (11:12:19 AM) : LMAOOOOOOOO
Resha (11:12:20 AM) : so wrong
O.com (11:12:24 AM) : and… i dont know how the questioning got around to this…
O.com (11:12:33 AM) : but he agreed to let us take him out his chair…
O.com (11:12:39 AM) : sit him in a regular chair
O.com (11:12:44 AM) : and let muthafuckas roll around in his shit
O.com (11:12:56 AM) : mind you
O.com (11:13:11 AM) : tihs nigga had NO control over ANYTHING but his arms
O.com (11:13:19 AM) : and head
O.com (11:13:22 AM) : and barely them two
O.com (11:13:28 AM) : or maybe he did…
O.com (11:13:32 AM) : i dont know
O.com (11:13:34 AM) : but anyway….
O.com (11:13:48 AM) : so they got him out his shit… sat him down, in a regular ass chair…
O.com (11:14:02 AM) : and hoped in his shit….
O.com (11:14:12 AM) : and was rollin around the class room
O.com (11:14:20 AM) : fuckin shit up… runin into shit
Resha (11:14:33 AM) : oh shit
O.com (11:14:34 AM) : im just sittin at the table like oh hell naw… these muthafuckas is on that shit
Resha (11:14:34 AM) : stop it
Resha (11:14:36 AM) : i cant breathe
O.com (11:14:49 AM) : it was some white boys who actually asked him…
Resha (11:14:59 AM) : oj stop it
Resha (11:15:01 AM) : im at work!!!!!!!!
O.com (11:15:02 AM) : some white dudes and some other mexican dude…
Resha (11:15:04 AM) : u gon get me fired
O.com (11:15:13 AM) : but man….
Resha (11:15:42 AM) : oh shit
Resha (11:16:00 AM) : fuckin comedy
O.com (11:16:03 AM) : lol
O.com (11:16:11 AM) : so alfonzo is sittin there…
O.com (11:16:22 AM) : laughin like a muthafucka… because these dudes is fuckin shit up!!
Resha (11:16:22 AM) : im answerin the phone tryna hold back my laughter, i done let the phone ring a good 8 times cuz i cant answer it
O.com (11:16:29 AM) : LOL!!!
O.com (11:16:46 AM) : then… i dont know… he was doin good for a lil while…
O.com (11:16:55 AM) : but i think he was laughin too hard
O.com (11:17:12 AM) : because, he started to fuckin tilt to the right
Resha (11:17:20 AM) : oh shit
Resha (11:17:20 AM) : ..
Resha (11:17:20 AM) : dont
O.com (11:17:21 AM) : and im lookin at him… like ???
Resha (11:17:22 AM) : FUCKING DONT SAY IT
O.com (11:17:41 AM) : and then… he REALIZED he was tilting to the fuckin right…
O.com (11:17:53 AM) : and he STOPED LAUGHING!
O.com (11:17:59 AM) : his eyes got big as fuck…
O.com (11:18:01 AM) : like OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo
O.com (11:18:03 AM) : OOOOOOOOOOOOOO
O.com (11:18:09 AM) : RICHIE!!! RICHIE!!!!!
O.com (11:18:17 AM) : he was reaching out for that table…
O.com (11:18:20 AM) : for richie
O.com (11:18:23 AM) : or something or somebody….
O.com (11:18:37 AM) : his eyes got BIG AS FUCK lol he was scared as hell…
Resha (11:18:41 AM) : i fucking hate you
O.com (11:18:43 AM) : because if he would have hit the ground…
O.com (11:18:52 AM) : he would have busted his shit lol
O.com (11:19:07 AM) : i hoped up lol and the other white boy hoped up all quick and caught him
O.com (11:19:19 AM) : just in time… he was damn near gone and all the way feel ovedr
Resha (11:19:20 AM) : OHHHH FUCK
O.com (11:19:36 AM) : MAN!!!!
O.com (11:19:45 AM) : i was teared the fuck up
O.com (11:19:59 AM) : i couldnt hold that shit back once we caught him
O.com (11:20:09 AM) : we almost fuckin droped him again from laughin so gotdamn hard
O.com (11:20:24 AM) : he was tuff shit till he damn near fell out the chair lol
Resha (11:20:25 AM) : whyyyyyyyyyyy dont u ever post these kinda stories
O.com (11:20:37 AM) : lol i just remembered it right now lol
O.com (11:21:06 AM) : anyway…
O.com (11:21:18 AM) : that nigga got mad and was like GIMMIE BACK MY CHAIR HOLMES!!!!!
Resha (11:21:20 AM) : woooooooooooooooooo SHIT
Resha (11:21:35 AM) : LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO i am soooooooooo fuckin mad at you right now!!!
O.com (11:21:50 AM) : lol he laughed about it later… much later… but gotdamn that shit was funny for 2 months
O.com (11:22:01 AM) : “thats why you almost fell in the chair!”
O.com (11:22:19 AM) : muthafuckas didnt care lol… they was taklin all kinda shit to him, when he tried to say ANYTHING lol
O.com (11:22:22 AM) : shit was the guts lmao
Resha (11:22:34 AM) : LMAO
O.com (11:22:58 AM) : it was the Guckin Futs!
Resha (11:23:14 AM) : u are dumb
Resha (11:23:22 AM) : wooo shit, i had to put the phone on nite service
Resha (11:23:24 AM) : cuz i cant answer that shit
O.com (11:23:28 AM) : lmao

10 Responses to “Everybody In The Chair Gettin Tipsy”

  1. Dog…that shit was toooooooooo funny…I’m over here at work falling out my chair laughing…

    and you’re right…funny is funny. jesus just told me he can’t send you to hell for that…he would have laughed too!

  2. Oooh you sure do know how to make a sistah double over in pain. That was some hilarious stuff. I don’t know why we folks crack up at the misgivings of others but it sure does make some lovely comedy. Keep the stories coming.