Uhmah Park

Id like to start this shit off by saying. that i know alot of people think i aint shit. lol. so?
but, if some shit is fucking funny… its just fuckin funny. i dont care what the situation is. Anyway… i was talking to Resha the other day, and she reminded me of some funny shit that happen long time ago.

O.com (11:04:49 AM) : really what?
Resha (11:05:03 AM) : nevermind timmy
O.com (11:05:58 AM) : hey hey hey…
O.com (11:06:08 AM) : none of that… lol i told you im sleepy lol
O.com (11:06:17 AM) : you need to spot a nigga 20 extra points lol
Resha (11:06:21 AM) : u still timmy LOL
O.com (11:06:43 AM) : lol ill run into your ankels with my wheel chair!
Resha (11:07:13 AM) : ROFLMAO
Resha (11:07:15 AM) : hellnaw
O.com (11:07:23 AM) : you know how much that shit hurts?
Resha (11:07:38 AM) : i can imagine
O.com (11:07:43 AM) : i had this homeboy in the 7th grade
O.com (11:07:48 AM) : sigh…. man
O.com (11:07:52 AM) : that nigga was MEAN
O.com (11:08:01 AM) : i dont know what the fuck happen to him
O.com (11:08:11 AM) : but he could only move one arm
O.com (11:08:15 AM) : and barely move the other one
O.com (11:08:23 AM) : he was mexican
O.com (11:08:29 AM) : and he was a lil vato loco…
O.com (11:08:35 AM) : he didnt get shot or no shit
O.com (11:08:38 AM) : thats the way he was born
O.com (11:08:46 AM) : but he could draw like a muthafucka
O.com (11:24:34 AM) : lol man…. i wonder how dude is doing
O.com (11:24:38 AM) : he was hella little
O.com (11:24:50 AM) : if you stood him up… he woulda been no taller than the table..
Resha (11:24:57 AM) : LMAO
Resha (11:24:59 AM) : oh shit
O.com (11:25:02 AM) : he used to have on lil nike cortez n shit
O.com (11:25:49 AM) : lil ass raider jerseys n shit lol
O.com (11:25:59 AM) : well no.. them shits was outlawed at my jr high…
O.com (11:26:10 AM) : he used to wear them mesh jerseys
Resha (11:26:57 AM) : ROFLMAO
Resha (11:26:57 AM) : awwwwwwwwwww
Resha (11:27:03 AM) : the visual is killin me
O.com (11:27:10 AM) : you have no idea… trust me
O.com (11:08:51 AM) : anyway lol
O.com (11:08:56 AM) : the lil nigga was mean
O.com (11:09:01 AM) : and if he was mad at you
O.com (11:09:10 AM) : he would really hit you with his wheel chair
O.com (11:09:20 AM) : it was one of them ones with a lil push stick…
O.com (11:09:29 AM) : like a joy stick for him to guide that muhfucka
O.com (11:09:35 AM) : it was automattic n shit
O.com (11:09:39 AM) : man
O.com (11:09:43 AM) : that shit used to fuckin HURT
O.com (11:09:47 AM) : and what was you gonna do?
O.com (11:09:52 AM) : beat his ass?!?!?
O.com (11:09:54 AM) : NO!
O.com (11:10:05 AM) : that nigga was in a wheel chair and barely had use of his arms!!!
Resha (11:10:14 AM) : LMAO
O.com (11:10:19 AM) : he was fucking cold lol
O.com (11:10:30 AM) : he was a mean lil muhfuckas too
O.com (11:10:39 AM) : his name was alphonzo
O.com (11:10:45 AM) : alfonzo
O.com (11:11:01 AM) : lol i remember one day lol
O.com (11:11:03 AM) : in foods lol
O.com (11:11:10 AM) : because that was the class i had him in…
O.com (11:11:15 AM) : i dont know WHY he had foods
O.com (11:11:18 AM) : he never helped cook
O.com (11:11:22 AM) : … he couldnt
O.com (11:11:25 AM) : but still lol
O.com (11:11:34 AM) : he would just fuckin eat lol
O.com (11:11:38 AM) : but one day
Resha (11:11:40 AM) : ROFLMAO
O.com (11:11:46 AM) : the teacher was out of the class room…
O.com (11:11:59 AM) : and we was like… man
O.com (11:12:05 AM) : is that thing fun to roll around in?
Resha (11:12:13 AM) : ROFLMAO OMG
Resha (11:12:19 AM) : LMAOOOOOOOO
Resha (11:12:20 AM) : so wrong
O.com (11:12:24 AM) : and… i dont know how the questioning got around to this…
O.com (11:12:33 AM) : but he agreed to let us take him out his chair…
O.com (11:12:39 AM) : sit him in a regular chair
O.com (11:12:44 AM) : and let muthafuckas roll around in his shit
O.com (11:12:56 AM) : mind you
O.com (11:13:11 AM) : tihs nigga had NO control over ANYTHING but his arms
O.com (11:13:19 AM) : and head
O.com (11:13:22 AM) : and barely them two
O.com (11:13:28 AM) : or maybe he did…
O.com (11:13:32 AM) : i dont know
O.com (11:13:34 AM) : but anyway….
O.com (11:13:48 AM) : so they got him out his shit… sat him down, in a regular ass chair…
O.com (11:14:02 AM) : and hoped in his shit….
O.com (11:14:12 AM) : and was rollin around the class room
O.com (11:14:20 AM) : fuckin shit up… runin into shit
Resha (11:14:33 AM) : oh shit
O.com (11:14:34 AM) : im just sittin at the table like oh hell naw… these muthafuckas is on that shit
Resha (11:14:34 AM) : stop it
Resha (11:14:36 AM) : i cant breathe
O.com (11:14:49 AM) : it was some white boys who actually asked him…
Resha (11:14:59 AM) : oj stop it
Resha (11:15:01 AM) : im at work!!!!!!!!
O.com (11:15:02 AM) : some white dudes and some other mexican dude…
Resha (11:15:04 AM) : u gon get me fired
O.com (11:15:13 AM) : but man….
Resha (11:15:42 AM) : oh shit
Resha (11:16:00 AM) : fuckin comedy
O.com (11:16:03 AM) : lol
O.com (11:16:11 AM) : so alfonzo is sittin there…
O.com (11:16:22 AM) : laughin like a muthafucka… because these dudes is fuckin shit up!!
Resha (11:16:22 AM) : im answerin the phone tryna hold back my laughter, i done let the phone ring a good 8 times cuz i cant answer it
O.com (11:16:29 AM) : LOL!!!
O.com (11:16:46 AM) : then… i dont know… he was doin good for a lil while…
O.com (11:16:55 AM) : but i think he was laughin too hard
O.com (11:17:12 AM) : because, he started to fuckin tilt to the right
Resha (11:17:20 AM) : oh shit
Resha (11:17:20 AM) : ..
Resha (11:17:20 AM) : dont
O.com (11:17:21 AM) : and im lookin at him… like ???
Resha (11:17:22 AM) : FUCKING DONT SAY IT
O.com (11:17:41 AM) : and then… he REALIZED he was tilting to the fuckin right…
O.com (11:17:53 AM) : and he STOPED LAUGHING!
O.com (11:17:59 AM) : his eyes got big as fuck…
O.com (11:18:01 AM) : like OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo
O.com (11:18:03 AM) : OOOOOOOOOOOOOO
O.com (11:18:09 AM) : RICHIE!!! RICHIE!!!!!
O.com (11:18:17 AM) : he was reaching out for that table…
O.com (11:18:20 AM) : for richie
O.com (11:18:23 AM) : or something or somebody….
O.com (11:18:37 AM) : his eyes got BIG AS FUCK lol he was scared as hell…
Resha (11:18:41 AM) : i fucking hate you
O.com (11:18:43 AM) : because if he would have hit the ground…
O.com (11:18:52 AM) : he would have busted his shit lol
O.com (11:19:07 AM) : i hoped up lol and the other white boy hoped up all quick and caught him
O.com (11:19:19 AM) : just in time… he was damn near gone and all the way feel ovedr
Resha (11:19:20 AM) : OHHHH FUCK
O.com (11:19:36 AM) : MAN!!!!
O.com (11:19:45 AM) : i was teared the fuck up
O.com (11:19:59 AM) : i couldnt hold that shit back once we caught him
O.com (11:20:09 AM) : we almost fuckin droped him again from laughin so gotdamn hard
O.com (11:20:24 AM) : he was tuff shit till he damn near fell out the chair lol
Resha (11:20:25 AM) : whyyyyyyyyyyy dont u ever post these kinda stories
O.com (11:20:37 AM) : lol i just remembered it right now lol
O.com (11:21:06 AM) : anyway…
O.com (11:21:18 AM) : that nigga got mad and was like GIMMIE BACK MY CHAIR HOLMES!!!!!
Resha (11:21:20 AM) : woooooooooooooooooo SHIT
Resha (11:21:35 AM) : LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO i am soooooooooo fuckin mad at you right now!!!
O.com (11:21:50 AM) : lol he laughed about it later… much later… but gotdamn that shit was funny for 2 months
O.com (11:22:01 AM) : “thats why you almost fell in the chair!”
O.com (11:22:19 AM) : muthafuckas didnt care lol… they was taklin all kinda shit to him, when he tried to say ANYTHING lol
O.com (11:22:22 AM) : shit was the guts lmao
Resha (11:22:34 AM) : LMAO
O.com (11:22:58 AM) : it was the Guckin Futs!
Resha (11:23:14 AM) : u are dumb
Resha (11:23:22 AM) : wooo shit, i had to put the phone on nite service
Resha (11:23:24 AM) : cuz i cant answer that shit
O.com (11:23:28 AM) : lmao


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