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Erykah Badu – The Other Side Of The Game

Earlier, @Huny asked for Karaoke song suggestions. She said she was partial to Badu. Then I suggested “Certainly” or “The Other Side Of The Game”. And this song has been STUCK in my head every since lol. But, this is one of my favorite songs of all time. I dont know why. Maybe its the bass. I dont know. Its an awesome song though. And if you know me, you know I like R&B all that much.

I remember when this song came out. I always liked it, but I didnt really understand it. I was young. I Didnt understand it until I was an adult and some what in the same situation. At one point in time, I had to stop doing some illegal shit due to similar circumstances in this song. One day, my girlfriend at the time and I were talking and some how got to her concerns about the way I was living my life.  She didnt know I had anything illegal going on in my life. I never lied about it. There was no way she could have knew about it, asked about it or be concerned. She would have never guessed or thought Id be doing the shit I was doing.
She was more concerned with me coming home at 5 in the morning; Me drinking and driving; running the streets like I was at the time; Hanging out in the “bad part” of town, shit like that. She didnt think I was cheating on her at all. And I wasnt. That was a non-issue. She just didnt want me to get hurt basically, or find myself in a situation where we would be separated. She told me that she really wanted to be with me, near me, possibly grow old with me and that she needed me. She was HELLA sincere about it too. Her whole speech came straight from the heart lol. It really resonated with me. I was fucking touched. I loved this girl, so there was no way I couldnt consider seeing things from her side. I thought about how I would feel if she was doing what I was doing. At least the part she knew about. Id be worried too. Especially if I had her frame of reference.

So I stopped doing “the illegal shit” I was doing at the time. She never knew about it. Still doesnt. Aint going to find out lol. But as far as the stuff she did know about (I was really honest with her, otherwise), I stopped doing a lot of the things that would have her worrying about me. Well, it was more like a compromise, but still. I totally understood where she was coming from, so the compromise didnt bother me at all. Which surprised the fuck out of me. I never thought I’d be that guy. I always thought I’d lie and keep it moving. Planned on it in fact. DID NOT work out that way LOL!

Thats what this song reminds me of when I hear it sometimes. Love will have you surprising the hell out of your self. Pleasant surprises and WHAT IN THE FUCK WAS I THINKING surprises. Both, equally as shocking.


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