Uhmah Park

Eminem – Number One (Prod. By Dr. Dre)

Every where on the internet, they say this song is Unfinished. But what it is, is. Eminem clearly wrote Dre’s verse, then spit it. Shit like this is never suppose to be leaked as far as I know. I know somebody is fuckin PISSED lol. Or at least thats what I suspect lol. I used to have a copy of Biggie spittin Kims verson on Big Mamma Thang or… one of her singles. I dont know where that shit is. Im sad I cant find it. Its lost in my collection or either I lost it.

Anyway, when the “finished” version of this shit comes out with Dre actually preforming his verse, it should be pretty bangin. I like it so far. What I dont get is how is this is a Eminem song when it seems like Dre is gonna have two verses on the track? Who cares lol.

Snatched from: The Smokin Section (the greatest name for an internet site ever lol)