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Dunkin Flat Bread

So Dunkin Donuts has a new egg white flat bread sandwich thats only 300 calories.

When I was sitting there watching this commercial, I thought to myself… What? Why would I want an egg white sandwich from a donut place? Oh… it says for all those people who wanted to eat healthy in the new year. Really? So you mean to tell me, that some person is about to call themselves healthy by strolling into their local dunkin donuts and just by this and maybe some coffee and its going to end there? OF COURSE NOT! They are also gonna take down a donut too.

This is a fuckin trap. Word to Admiral Ackbar… This is a fat person trap lol. You might as well just buy two donuts lol. A damn snickers is just under 300 calories. And all their donuts are at least 300 calories lol. Where are you winning in this situation? Im confused.

This is kinda like selling diet crack. Same high, just not as addictive. You can tell your family youre making steps in the right direction… but youre still doing the same shit lol.

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