Uhmah Park

i posted this on a message board a few weeks ago, and i was gonna copy and paste it here, but when i wrote this out… i was blowed. and i forgot. oops! lol
i did remember the next day… but i was hella lazy finding the entry and copy and pasting it to put on this shit here.

finally tho… here it is lol.

i have, “unquie” problems… thats what ill call them shits.

so… i have fish. 2 gold fish, that ive had them shits for years. i called them niggas dumb and dumber. i also have a lil rainbow black and red shark… and a nasty ass algy eater. that nigga is gross. the sharks name is Leroy ( pre leroy jenkins ) and the alge eater name is bubba lol


so one day… i notice one of the fish is posted in the corner and wasnt movin at all… so i tap the glass and he kinda moves a lil bit… but not all the way. and im lookin at this muhfucka… and eventually he moves and swims around.
but im wondering to myself… hey? this nigga isnt scared of me taping the glass anymore? hmmm…
fuck it, i let it go.

but after that…. randomly id tap the glass as i walk by and id get the same shit. i was hella baffeled. like damn… this fish has grown some balls and wont swim away scared after i tap on the glass anymore… good for him!
but one day… i was on the phone and it fuckin dawned on me. i think this muthafuckin fish is gotdammit blind!

i tap the glass and he dont move, because he cant see that shit… he can feel it, so he flinch. i put some food in there… and ill be damned, the nigga didnt go after the food… BECAUSE THE NIGGA CANT SEE THE SHIT!!!

he was bumpin into the other fish n shit… the glass… the shit in the tank everything.

i still cant believe i have a blind fish. or HAD one. that nigga died… on some terry schivo shit. muhfucka starved to death. its a cold world.

sigh… but yea… a nigga got problems other muhfuckas aint never heard of n shit.

i mean who really has a blind mutahfuckin fish. lol i know I AINT never seen that shit.

dont ask me which fish died… dumb or dumber… because i dont fuckin know lol. it was one of em tho. pick one, if it makes you feel better.
– i only say this because i KNOW im going to get at least 3 aim messages talkin about… so which fish died? dumb or dumber? and JUST for the smart asses who will ask me anyway… fuck it here is my answer: if you and some other nitpicking asshole was standing next to each other, and some one refered to yall two jackasses being dumb and dumber… which ever one you are… either dumb, or dumber. thats you, and thats the one that died. happy now?

i know some self loathing muthafucka read that shit… and thought… well fuck that, im definitly not dumber! i guess im just dumb.

and you know what?

YOURE FUCKING RIGHT!! you are just dumb. congratulations holmes.

my point is… if i dont care… neither should you!

ahhh that was fun. lol


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