On GP (General Purposes)

Down With McDonalds Cheese Cake


Do not eat the Strawberry Cheese Cake from Mc Death ( commonly known as Mc Donalds ) That shit is not only slightly bareable…. but… will give yo ass FOOD POISONING!!!!

Spread tha word….

I would… but you see… i am on my gotdamn death bed because nobody warned my black ass. Which is really fucked up… but hey… oh well fuck it… if i survive this shit… the lil nerdy ass white boy and the rest of the empolyes at the Mc Death in Fontana offa the interstate 15 Freeway will soon meet thier maker because i have been suffering from the most horrific stomach pains for the last two days…. AND SOMEBODY HAS TO FUCKING PAY!!

So for the time being i am on some fuck mc death shit.

and you should be too….

One reply on “Down With McDonalds Cheese Cake”

yo when did mcdonald’s sell cheesecake???
how old is this website?
your black? WOW
don’t beat up white boys it’s not there fault there ugly???

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