Uhmah Park

This happen in real life. Everybody is offended and all that, but as far as OJ goes. I laughed first. This shit was pretty fucking funny. Its like one of those lame greeting cards that makes you chuckle because its clever, but lame. Even tho technically, they’re using the term “Re-nig” wrong. Its still hella funny. Its funny because its racist as fuck. Its slick and clever, but its not trying to hide the fact that whole idea is saturated in racism. The proud owner of this sticker isnt trying to hide their racism either! This person does not give a FUCK about equality or none of that silly shit. If a Black person see’s this sticker and gets offended? OH WELL! COME AT ME BRO! lol. You can see all of that from just this simple picture.

Speaking of shit you can see though. What the fuck are these ducks doing? Ive been staring at it for a minute and i cant figure it out. Is it some kind of duck… orgy? mounting? fight? ?? I cant make any thing of it. Its bothering me lol.

Racism like this, to me, is funny. And I mean, honestly funny. Im not laughing from some perch or something. Im laughing at the joke that is being made. I can remove whatever emotion from the situation to laugh at the joke being made in most situations. I understand its wrong and all that; I have plenty of time to be mad. But lets take a moment to laugh at the joke. Thats just me though.

I would love to witness the anger and hear the type of language the owner of this sticker when President Obama pops up on his TV, or when he is watching which ever news channel and they start talking about the president. Or when he is talking about something thats the presidents fault to his friends or somebody. I bet its fucking hilarious. People being mad and frustrated is some of the funniest shit in the world to me. Frustration plus Racism?!?!?! Laughs on laughs on laughs.