Uhmah Park

ha ha… i had some pretty random thoughts that were interupted earlier, and i fucked around and forgot…. but like puff… THEY CANT BE STOPED!!!

speaking of p diddy…

i have this folder in my ‘ crate ‘ folder ( my folder with ALL my mp3’s in it ) called ” Commercial Shit “. Yea… so fuckin what… everybody likes them a few commercial hits, and all the ones i favor are in this particular folder.

my car deck… that im inlove with… plays mp3 files… so depending on what mood im in when i leave the house… i just take a folder or two and burn that shit to cd and throw it in the car and roll… and i have more music that i can listen to in any one trip.

the first time i burned a cd with the “commercial shit” folder on it… i had to edit some of the tracks out of that shit… because it was too big with all the other shit i had on that cd… no biggie.

but let me say this first lol… I HATE MASTER P!!! hate… he sucks as an artist. the muhfucka know how to make some money… he might be a biter… he might not be orginal for shit… but whatever… i hate the nigga. and years ago… i SWORE that id never play that niggas shit anywhere… in my house and especially my car. however lol there is ONE song that this muhfucka put out that is SUPER FUCKIN BANGIN… How you do dat dere! that shit is fuckin tight to me for whatever reason lol… i dont know how or why lol i just like the shit lol. anyway… the first time i had to take some tracks off to free up space… im pretty sure anybody who has burnt them a cd has gone thru this shit. so im removing tracks… but i wanna keep how you do dat dere on the shit… some how… some kinda way… that shit got removed…

i thought it was a freak accident….

well… its been sometime since i made that first cd with the commercial shit on it… and ive downloaded some more commercial ass shit… and i go to make me another cd… low and fucking behold… there is too much shit on this cd… so of course.. the commecial shit portion has to be slimmed down… and THIS time i THOUGHT i made it a point to remember to leave that how you do dat dere shit on tha fuckin cd. some fuckin how… that shit DID NOT make it to the cd… i dont know what tha fuck the problem is…

i think there is some part of my brain working in the background… like a gaurdian music angel that will not allow me to bump that shit on the roads of califorina and risk somebody see/hear me bumpin that shit lol. even tho i think its fresh….

anyway… thrid times a charm… i will be bangin that shit on the freeway.. not in traffic… and no one will hear me. it will be my shameful little secert. untill one of my cousins start talkin that shit and i throw that shit on just to annoy them niggas lol.