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Dont Diss the Little People

lol jokes and jokes and jokes and joks….
… speghetti… speghetti….. speghetti
lol ha… gutty shit…
just thought id add that lol say
Max: wassup you remember the beef between dre and jd?
Max: yeah lol do you remember shortly after that JD had trouble with the irs? do you think dre could have had anything to do with that shit? like have somebody look into that niggas personal life and find out he hasnt paid taxes in how ever many years… and laughed at his ass once he got all his shit taken away lol
Max: maybe… but that would be a bitch move, not that dre would be above that how would that have been a bitch move? id do that shit to a nigga in a heart beat and call his ass up while they was there and laugh at his ass like… ha… muhfucka… fuck wit me some more if you want to lol
Max: its sposed to be lyrical, not personal i guess lol but neither one of them niggas is rappers tho lol
Max: true they suppose to be some money havin / shot callin niggas only thing they can do is beats lol what they gonna do? have a beat off?
Max: well we see why jd had money LOL ……… lol hell naw lol… LOL hell naw see niggas is better than me because i WILL kick a nigga while he is down… i would have came out with a record like… you said your doe was long…. but the irs came and fixed that shit for you… now your doe is as long as your arms… little nigga!
Max: hell naw lol i would have sampled Dah Ha too lol but it would have been… ha ha ha… ha ha ha, ha ha haaaaaa
Max: see you said you had paper stacks… but the irs came and took care of that…. haaaa haaaa haaaaa… ha ha ha… haa haaa haaaaaaaaa now that you have no money, you aint got no hoes… who wanna be with a nigga who can fit all they sons clothes? hhaaa haaa hhaaaa… ha ha ha.. haa haaa haaaaaaaa
Max: lmao damn lol gutty shit leperchuan… had to move wit your moms… better start grinding for your fourtune again… ill give your 20 bucks if you… CUT MY LAWN!!!! hhhhaaaaaah hhhhhaaaaaa haaaaaaa… ha ha ha haaa haaa haaaaaa i woulda made a video and everything
Max: wrong…. just WRONG LOL paid mini me to dress up as JD with a rat noes on and big ass clothes lol because you know females be like… eww that nigga looks like a RAT!
Max: lol lol damn i have my self laughin about this shit

BUT WAIT! theeerrreeeess more!

Max: why 50 cent say ja rule sound like the cookie monster LMAO lol damn i can hear the cookie monster now… talkin about… bbbaaabbbyyyyyy
Max: LMAO holla! rollin up on a plate of cookies with no shirt and a leather vest and a lil punk ass hat… COOKIES BBBAAAABBBYYYYYYYY MMMMMMMM
Max: lmao ah man… that was tha guts
Max: be like, WHERE WOULD I BE WITHOUT MY COOOKKAAAAAYS…. lol 50 called that nigga a sweetheart and everything lol
Max: lol
Max: he is a diva lol that nigga dmx had me crying callin that nigga diva he was on some… you x that nigga ja up he will let you fuck em!
Max: lmao then 50 got this nigga on the end of the track with that gay dude talkin about he a 12 degree pink belt lmao said i will jet lei his ass… WAAATTTTTTAAAAAHHHHHHH
Max: not a pink belt
Max: thas as bad as, Tae-bo hoe man if i was in the car when i heard that shit… i would have been all in the divider lol yea man

ah man… gutty shit… back to work!

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damn nigga, are you signed? lol

i need a take no-prisoners nigga on my team, yu know i will kick a nigga, stomp em’, pull out the pistola and take some shots at his ass when hes down, …but niggas always say im wrong.

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