Uhmah Park

Youre mad because my style/ youre admirin’
Dont Be Mad / UPS Is Hirin’

– Biggie – excerpt from the greatest verse in hiphop ever, yea I said it!

So there is this rapper on the east coast named Ransom, dont know who he is? Me either, Im a West Coaster and everything out there dont really make its way out here. But thanks to the internet, the bridge is really short these days. Horay. Still dont know who this dude is? Neither do I… Google It. (LMAO You might get this joke later) Anyway, like I was saying. Some guy named Ransom came out with a diss track aimed at, a more well known rapper, Joe Budden.

At the moment, both these niggas have come out with two diss tracks a piece aimed at each other. And what I’ve gathered thus far is something along the following: Ransom, Joe and Fabulous (lol) used to be in a group together called the A-team. I guess Fab is ever where and Joe had a big single back in the day and a huge huge hiphoper following and is still relevant … this dude though? Personally, I dont know and have no previous information to report. But apparently according to him (ransom), he’s a big deal of some proportions. Which is always important to tell your self as a rapper, even on the smallest level.

And then one day, for whatever reason, ransom released a diss track for Joe. You can find it here.  Then Joe Budden some hours later let this nigga have it one good time. You can find it here. This shit was ruff. Id take time out to point out some lines, but Im watching the game and Id have to switch the sound off, fuck it. Trust me, its pretty fuckin cold. So then, this nigga ransom, resorts to threatening niggas lol. Tsk Tsk, oh ye thee fronting emcee. This nigga might as well just said he was sorry. So this nigga Joe came back with This here. Some hours later!
Like I said, the nigga might as well said he was sorry. Gotdamn lol. If a nigga ever had that much to say about me that quick. And was clearly that much better at me at it lol. I dont know, Im no quitter, but fuck that lol. Me and this nigga Joey would at least be fighting in duck shit in this niggas front yard or something. Something nigga damn. This man ransom didnt even get sonned, this was way worse. This was like some old Mortal Kombat II shit. You know how (if you were playing me) you get your ass whooped and you cant do shit about it in the first round, But you get in a lucky punch or two but for the most part, you get your ass whooped. Then the second round starts and then you get your ass whooped again even worse, no lucky punch this time… and that knock off darth vader nigga comes in talkin about “Flawless Victory!”. Then the nigga who whoops your ass at the arcade or even worse at your own house decides to be a really big asshole and instead of him doing the really fataily move where there is blood and guts every where. He does that Babality bullshit and turns the you into a infant.  lol

This exchange was like if you go do that shit in rap songs, but foreal lol. Which is why some clever guy tried this shit and then was nice enough to screen shot it for us lol. Cold shit lmao.

Then there was this picture, which inspired this blog post by me.

If you havent noticed, or arent quick enough to put 2 and 2 together. This is a photoshoped picture of ransom. Post second Joe Budden diss. lmao. I been laughing at this shit all day lol Gotdamn lol. Unfortunately I did not make either graphic. But I am responsible for bringing it to you for you to enjoy. Youre welcome lol.

What I cant understand is this: How is it that rappers are such poor judges of other rappers skill? I listened to ransoms tracks. And if that was the best that nigga was gonna do, or was capable of doing overall. How could he not know that Joe would hand him his ass. Twice times. How could he REALLY think he could out do Joe after the first time, is beyond me.

This is like when Jim Jones was talkin shit about Jay-Z. You ask your self, what the fuck was this nigga thinking? Even if Jim is more gangta than Jay, and Ransom is more gangta than Joe. No matter what, your opposition is better than you are at your own craft which is how your put money in your pocket. And if its not your main source of fundage, at the very least its the medium in which you have challenged your opponent. A medium in which you are clearly out skilled. And no matter how much you claim that youre better at some other shit. The medium in which you chose your challenge youve lost horribly and appear to be the loser in the situation. No matter what. And who wants that? So… what the fuck was this nigga thinking? All I can some up with is, rappers are generally a poor judge of their opponents skill. Shit happens all the time in Hiphop. Lucky for me, I enjoy a onesided fight! THANKS JOE!!!! And shout out to Youg for showing this shit to a nigga. Shit was the GUTS! gotdamn!!!

I love diss tracks. LOL diss tracks are kinda like the Porn of Hiphop. Alot of people see it as negative, but most of those same people partake on some level lol. And somebody is usually fuckin somebody in some way shape or form lol wooooo lol.