Uhmah Park

lol if i posting like this… imma have to call this shit blowed park….

but anyway… im up watching tv late. and a 976 Wake commercial. i havent seen one of these in so damn long.

i remember at one time in my life, i was young, i thought 976 Wake was the tightest shit out. i dont know why. i just did. anyway… i begged and begged my mom to use this shit since she had trouble waking up in the morning.

one day she gave in. i was so hyped… my black ass woke up 10 min before that shit was scheduled to ring. i ran in my moms room… and stood there and waited for the phone to ring. it was hella silent in the room… it was about 8am… or 7:56 rather. all i can hear is my mom breathing lol. im looking back and fotth looking at my mom and the phone. i lookd from my mom to the phone… and it rang! scared my ass lol

and it rang and rang and rang and rang… that shit did not wake up my mom… and the ringing was kickin my ass. drove me up the fuckin wall. but i didnt wanna wake up my mom… i wanted 976 wake to wake her up. eventually it got too be a bit fuckin much… lol so my black ass… shook my mom to wake her up a lil bit so she would hear the phone. did that shit work?
she woke up… and it looked like she THOUGHT she her the phoen…. and then said… fuck it im trippin… blacked the fuck back out!
ring ring ring… ring ring ring… fuck!
i had to step my game up…. MOM… MOM! she lookd up… and i steped back a lil bit so she couldnt see me. this time… she realized that the phone was ringin and picked it up. YES! i was so happy! went… got back in the bed…. that shit called her back some how!
im damn near sleep… and the phoen keeps ringin and ringin and ringing. i thoguht i was gonna fuckin lose it. i put my pillow over my head.. and passed out… but kept on waking up to the fuckin phone ringing. AND my ass was too lazy to get up and pick up the phone. id say a good 30 min passed… and the phoen would stop ringing for a second… only to call back because my mom didnt hear that shit and did not pick it up. After so look i couldnt take it. i hoped my lazy ass up and went andpicked up the phone and shut that shit off. i was so pissed it backfired on me. i went for the okie doek… its cool tho… they will never get me again lol assholes!

lol how ironic… im about to black out now… BUT… in less than 5 to 7 hours… i will be awaken by different people callin my black ass for various reaons… knowin i be workin late and up later.