Uhmah Park

1 year ago two things happen that were mind blowing. Micheal Jackson died, for 1. Which isnt really mind blowing. But the world was shocked. As a consequence of this man dying. The internet was officially over capacity. Twitter was fail whaling it up for over an hour. Facebook was timing out, it was digital pandemonium. As an “Internet Professional” I’ve never seen the internet shut down for any reason. It wasnt even this bad during and after 9-11. Im sure 9-11 would have done the same thing to the internet if more people were on the net back then.

But I think its pretty damn monumental that the death of one man, an entertainer could stop the world spinning for one whole fucking week. The Internet shut down for an hour or two and then every news outlet found a way to talk about Micheal Jackson passing. His passing even made sports center, for more than 1 day. It was all on Fox, MSNBC, CNN, Local News… any where in the country. It got to the point where I didnt even care anymore, I didnt want to know anything else about his death. I just wanted to know how I could possibly go to the funeral. Which I did actually go…. TO. I just didnt get in lol.

I do understand and greatly appreciate the fact that this is the same man who made …… “Thriller”. (do your self a favor and take a second to soak in the greatness of Thriller. The #1 Video of all time)  The man that turned the course of MTV, Pop music, culture, and the way your favorite entertainer puts on a concert. But still. I am still in disbelief how an entertainers death could stop the world from moving for a little while. Not that everything didnt stop moving when he was alive and in your general area lol. But still. Hell, even when he was alive. Seeing people lose their MINDS when he was around has always been ‘Wow’ to me.

With all that said. Clearly Im a big fan. No matter how much shit I talk, or graphics I make ( see above, or this post, if you missed the joke ), Im still a huge fan of Michael Jackson. Like I said, I was at the funeral. Not really to “pay my respects” to him really. But to see everybody else going out of their way to do so. I have video and pictures. I need to publish them shits. But the whole experience of being around very passionate people who were there to celebrate Michael Jacksons life, instead of all the shit he went through in his personal life was refreshing.

Remember The Time and Thriller are my two favorite Michael Jackson videos. I remember the world premiere of “Remember The Time”. It was the biggest fucking deal lol. I got all happy when I saw Magic Johnson in this video…. and equally as disappointed and half way embarrassed at this awful display of his acting skills. LMAO good GOD! That shit was AWFUL lol. I could barely stand to watch.

I do like this song as well though. Alot of Michael Jackson songs do hold some kind of personal meaning to me. Remind me of something or some one special. I know of a lot people who share that same sentiment. Maybe thats why people tend to lose their mind. Or just shed a tear over his passing.
If anything Im pretty upset I never got to see him in concert. Im not a concert goer really. But Mike has always been on my list of performers I wanted to see live. Watching “This is it” basically confirmed why I wanted to see this man live. That “This is it” concert was gonna be live. That man was a true performer. “This is it” also showed me that Mike hadnt put out anything classic in a while before he died. But as an entertainer or an artist, I could see working your ass off for over 30 years. And then post up and live off of all the hard ass work you did over all that time for the rest of your life. Which is what he was about to do lol. Just like The Late, Great, James Brown did lol.

RIP Mike.