Uhmah Park

time out

i just thought about something…

You ever wonder why your back doesnt get ashy?

Have you ever seen anybody with an ashy back?

How do you even know if your back is ashy?

Do you think if you was walkin around tha house… and your back was ashy… do you think somebody would tell you…

woud they even care?

like yo… your back could use some moister dogg….

What would you think of a muhfucka that noticed that yo ass had a ashy back… or anybody else for that reson… and then Felt so strong about tha shit that they had to comment on tha shit.

imagine you bout to mess wit somebody only to discover they had a ashy back.

Would you still wanna be involed with they dry skinned ass?

hmm… i wsa just wondering…

Time out tho…

have you ever seen anybody with ashy titties?

that shit is so damn terrible!

you cant really do shit but laugh to your self.. like damn… foreal… put some lotion on them muthafuckas… please?

am i suppose to lick on those?

come on now man…

who wants to suck on ashy titties?

i mean damn…


when a muhfucka lotion up… why wouldnt they put lotion on they titties?

they dont have to have intentions on fuckin with anybody that day…

or even showing they titties to anybody… or being even put in that situation…

You ever see what happens to dry ass FEET?!?!?!?!

is it really possible for a female titties to dry up tha same way?

i mean would they shit just STAY dry if they never lotion them? like people feet do?

you know some muthafuckas feet just be nasty dry and they shit NEVER RECOVER…

i wonder could tha same shit happen to a pair of titties?

See…. i need to be sleep!

but no… im thinking tha possiblity of dry ass backs… and dry ass titties…

this is tha fuckin pits… foreal


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