Uhmah Park

First off… i would like to say that i love ESPN’s SportsCenter program. its one of my top 5 favorite TV Shows on Television. the commentators are fuckin halarious… the highlights are fuckin great… they even do serious shit every once in a while….

But i do have one fucking complaint….

at the end of the show they have a segment called ” Did You Know? “. Every single fucking time i see that shit i want to throw something at the TV like FUCK NO i didnt gotdammit know that shit!! Its not like they buss some kinda decent peice of sports trivia… they come with the most useless sports facts EVER… i have never met a person who knew a Did you know… and its not like they come with the Did You Know question… THEN go to commercial break… or some kind of pause so people could at least try to guess… they come on some smarty arty type shit… the type of shit that get you walked away from at a ice breaker. They come with some retarded shit like… Did you know that Shaq and Dirk Nowinski ( like imma know how to spell that shit… ) played the only game in NBA history where 50 points or more were scored by 7 footers… Or some dumb ass shit like that… straight up useless facts. The Did you knows dont have shit to do with any kinda of tangable record and anything a person could maybe guess if they DID have some kinda gap between the question and the answer…
i swear the person or people that come up with these stupid ass facts need to all be pants and bent over and kicked in tha ass with baseball cleets ( since it is a sports show ) untill they fuckin forget!
how do they come up with this shit anyway? i would REALLY like to know.
Did you know my ass… Do You Wanna Know is what that bullshit should be called… or I bet yo ass didnt know…. or The only muhfucka that had any clue up untill this point was us and GOD, and we JUST found out earlier today…

stupid shit… i hate that shit… ive been hating it sine the 11th fuckin grade…


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