Uhmah Park

If you dont know what Death By Snu-Snu is about. Its ok, but if I were you, I’d hate myself to some degree lol. Anyway, last night I saw somebody on my twitter timeline talking about this guy that died from having sex with a big chick. She busted a nut, and passed out right on top of this man. Well last night when I saw this I was pretty damn high; and seeing that got me to thinking about a few things:

A mf died.. he let a fat chick ride him. She came, collapsed on him. This mf suffocates. Can i ask how big was this wmn was?

I wonder did he get to nut before or as she collapsed on him? Clearly he was a small man and into being crushed.

So as she was crushing him, did he nut? Then realize he was bein suffocated? Or was his gettin it in immediately halted as he fought

every man has had their dick get them into all kinds of bullshit. But as he was fighting for his life and realized it was the end.. shit..

Out of all the ways to die over some pussy, that has got to be in the top 5 of the most bullshit ass way to die over some pussy lmao

He was probably under her thinking that he always wanted to die having sex…. but not like this. Lmao

She had to be A LOT bigger than him tho. Gotdamn! As a man, not being able to push a woman off u? She had to be huge.

How did she feel when she woke up and found her lover dead from her being passed out on top of him for way too long. Gross lol

I wonder how long she was on top of this man? I wonder how long it took for him 2 die. how long did it take for him 2 realize it was the end

I wonder if she did something about her weight after that? Thats some shit to have on ur mind. I ate my way into killing a mf i was fuckin

I wonder how she feels every time she wakes up on her stomach? Lol.. mortified. Oh no? I have i killed again?


The last one cracked me the fuck up. I laughed at that shit like I didnt think of it.


Reference: here is the full episode lol. shit was hilarious