Uhmah Park

Its come to my attention, that some how alot of people have not seen the new overly great and awesome nike basketball commercials. Your bad. I think I’ll take this moment here to deem myself an online commercial reviewer lol. I love commercials.

Anyway. So Nike got Lupe and Krs-One to play as Blitzen and Santa respectively to pair up for a rap battle and basketball game between Blitzen and the Holf gang vs Santa, Kobe and Lebron. So Blitzen starts off, and its not bad:

“Santa lookin shook… kobe lookin shook… lebron lookin shook i throw your ball on the roof!”

First of all… why did Blitzen get jiggy on these niggas lmao. This was actually great. I was pretty impressed. I didnt even know it was Lupe, until after I heard it. And Im not a Lupe fan at all. Not saying that he wrote it… who knows. Right when I started to wonder who santa was gonna be and how he was gonna respond.

A quick look through the related videos showed Santas response:



I wish I had the time to point out every bar of this rhyme and how dope it was. Every single fucking bar was awesome. Clearly…. Krs-One took this faux-battle way too seriously. It was like Lupe jumped on the court to play with Jordan, thought it was all fun and games until Mike banged on his ass for no reason and thought it was hilarious. Like let me remind every body that Im the greatest with this here. It sounded like Krs might have taken this too seriously, but he still thought lupe was a joke. Like dont ever battle me Son! Not for pretend, Not as a joke, Not to your friends when I cant here you and aint gonna find out, not even in your muthafuckin dreams! The drops the mic on this nigga. Good lord!

The line that they beeped out. Im only left to assume that Krs said “you aint even brown nosing, your nose is black” thats the only thing that makes since to me. It doesnt matter what he really said this was fuckin great. I feel like Krs released a new track. All three tracks are going in my car lol. These two beats are fuckin BANGIN. gotdamn

Chris Cringle… the gifts in my salava…

Anybody else notice that sometimes the snow is falling up in these videos?
… so yea… the third video when they ball:


Merry Xmas BLITZ!!!!
this shit was the guts…

If you notice, about 1:45 in the video, Kobe throws his patented Kobe elbow LOL

In the words of the reindeer… EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE…

i point out that line because that sound… is VERY similar to the sound that the bumble bee made when he was trying to cheer up JD’s obviously stressful day, that eventful “World Famous Bumble Bee Story” day. Except that the sound the bumble bee made was high pitched and didnt sound like an reindeer being kicked in the ass. just EEEEEEE… the first part… over and over again lololol oh shit lmao