Uhmah Park

right here… right now. i am taking a stand.

a stand… agianst the jheri curl and its many donominations. like the s curl, finger waves, etc. anything where a muthafucka hair appears to be wet. lol

i do realize that walking around with a pair of clippers and seeking out perps isnt exactly practical. the best i could come up with is open and public humilation by way of jokes.

So, if you havent noticed. There is a pitcher for the boston red sox, by the name of pedro martinez, whos new look for this 2004-2005 baseball season includes jheri curl and what appears to be a lil gold chain sometimes. some games it look like he got on sea shells or some shit… i dont know. anyway. while watching sports center… me and max ( of bolivion.com ) decided it was time for a lil joke session.
oh yea… before i forget:
boooo boston as a city, thier teams, the fucking fans of thier teams, and everything related to boston that isnt GangStarr lol… mainly the celtics and patriots!
Anyway… on to the transcripts.

OJ: man… what in the fuck is wrong with this nigga pedro?
OJ: you see this niggas 1984 curl and small ass chain?
Max : oh
Max : LOL
Max : yes
Max : been like that awhile
OJ : yea since last season ended lol
OJ : that nigga been in DR too long lol
OJ : that nigga got that old ass dope man jheri curl
Max : LOL not a dope man jheri curl
Max : nigga gotta a crack curl?
OJ : naw…. one of them jheri curls that niggas that was movin major weight used to have back in the day
OJ : nigga… you know them muthafuckas who thought they was a villian on miami vice…
Max : all he need is one of those sweaters with a leather patch on the front
Max : or a silk shirt
OJ : lol yea nigga
OJ : or some man sandals
OJ : or some loafers with no socks lol
Max : and a yellow bmw with a limo tint
Max : and mag wheels
OJ : lol or a big body white benz with a ground kit n shit lol
OJ : like that shit too short used to roll
OJ : with all kinda extra shit… and gold chromed trim
Max : the AMG kit
OJ : lmao man fuck lol
Max : bumpin freaky tales
OJ : LMAO!!!
OJ : and got the sade tape for the females
OJ : anita baker or some shit lol
Max : and luther vandross
OJ : hell yea
Max : talkin bout, neva too much neva too much
OJ : LMAO!!!!!!!

Yesterday… i was talkin with my cousin RJ and asked him if he had seen pedros curl. He said that he had seen it before. but he hadnt seen it in awhile. Then, earlier today. he got to see it. and this is what followed:

RJ: yo i saw pedro’s curl again 2day and boy o boy was it trhe fucking guts
OJ: LMAO yes nigga lol
OJ: that shit will never not be funny if you want it to be
RJ: that nigga really is taking it bac to the 80’s
OJ: yea he is…
OJ: he serious about it too
RJ: hell yeah
RJ: like yall nigga aint gon fuck wit my curl NIGGGGA
OJ: first nigga that talk shit… is gettin BEANED cuzz!
RJ: lmao
OJ: nigga i throw straight fire!
OJ: ill take a muthafucka head straight the fuck off! fuckin with me!
RJ: ruthless cuzz i’m ruthless wit mine cuzzzz
OJ: 103 mph nigga what?!?!?!
RJ: lmao
RJ: do it pedro curl do it do it-do it pedro curl do it do it ( Authors note :: robert townsend partners in crime refernce! )
RJ: shake shake shake
OJ: LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!
RJ: yes nigga he is the all time guts
OJ: indeed lol
RJ: that shit will go down in history
OJ: yes nigga lol
RJ: if that nigga sprayed his shit before every inning that shit would be oooo so cold nigga
OJ: id fuckin die laughing…
RJ: lmao
RJ: nigga in the dugout juicing his shit up for the next inning
OJ: it would also be the guts if he call a time out… and have somebody run out with a bottle of activator when he start sweatin too hard
RJ: lmao
OJ: time out ump! my curl is drying up mayne….
OJ: i cant be out here with millions of peoeples watchin… and my shit is dry mayne.
OJ: das just not cool baby!
OJ: ahh man lmao
OJ: LMAO!!!!!!!!! LMAOLMAO!!!!!
RJ: wit a towel around his nec
RJ: lmao
OJ: id fuckin gut if that nigga jersey had curl stains on the neck and drips down the back n shit lmao
RJ: lmao
RJ: who told that nigga itr would be cool to rock the curl
OJ: probably one of his old ass cousins in the domincan republic
RJ: like nigga if u bring the curl bac nigga u’ll be killen em
OJ: exactly!
OJ: all in his ear n shit… ju done lost all of jur roots mayne!
RJ: lmao
RJ: mayne
OJ: ju don eben look like us no more mayne…
RJ: lmao
OJ: fade? fade? fuck is dat shit mayne? what ju need to do perdo… is get ju a nice sexy suavacito jheri curl like the one i have right now my mayne…
OJ: all the bitches love my shit mayne
OJ: i have to beat bitches offa me mayne…

( Authors note:: that nigga rj couldnt take it no more… he called me crackin the fuck up lol. )

sometimes people tell me that im the guts… and i should have my own show, me and my friends and this that and the other. man… that shit will never happen. we would fucking laugh the whole show and nobody else would get the jokes lol. on aim or chat… yea… you can laugh along. but us talkin and laughin at the same time? fuck that… you have to really be in the know to know whats going on most of the time. and we spend ALOT of time laughin… because shit be funny as fuck lol we wouldnt get thru shit lol.

now… excuse me while i go watch kill bill on dvd!


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