Uhmah Park

Only a few select people know this about me, but one of my favorite holidays is Valentines day. Considering I dont celerbrate any holidays really, the people who know me, know this is half way a big deal. I dont celerbrate xmas, thanksgiving, nothing. New Years, Valentines Day and the biggest holiday of the year as far as Im concerned… My Birthday lol, are the only holidays I “celberbate”. Do I not accept Xmas presents? Dont be dumb lol of course I do. I give Xmas presents too. Which technically constitutes celerbration, but honestly, who fucking cares. Bottom line, youre not getting a merry xmas wish from me. Anyway lol.

Im sure one day in the future, I could possibly have a little girl. And Im sure I will enjoy giving her all kinds of shit for Valentines Day. I think these shoes would be super great to give my future child.

These are The Air Jordan Retro I (1) – Kids – V Day. These shits would be extra poppin on my little girl. Ill just take the chance and gamble that she will love J’s like her Daddy does. So if I can, I think Im going to buy a pair and sit on em, until she is of age. I think Imma buy two pairs, one for when she is about 7 to 10, and then a pair for her teenage years. I think that would be dope.

Too bad I’ll more than likely be single come this Valentines Day though. I dont know why, but I seriously enjoy getting some one something for V-Day. Call me what you will lol, I dont care. Long as I feel that somebody deserves something nice, shes getting something nice. I will admit though, getting to the point to deserve it, IS the tricky part lol. And what exactly that person deserves from me is also kinda tricky. Imma hard person to please lol. But its worth it lol wink



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