Guttie Shit

Da ho’s is at Wally World mayne


Thats the only thing you can really say to some shit like this. lol… I have a few more things to say about this though.

Firstly, this video kept my attention the whole way through, because it got more and more ignorant as the seconds ticked by. Im not gonna sit up here for the next hour or so and type out all the millions of jokes there are about this video lol. All Imma say is that the apex of ignorance comes at 2:45 into the video. Thats when I was done lol.

Another thing… this mans name is Mr Ghetto. If you saw that name and are appalled by what you see after that. You deserve it, because you had a chance not to fuck with it, but you did anyway.

Another thing, the girl with the two tone hair is getting positive feed back, that I cant be mad at lol. I love dark girls and was pretty impressed with her shaking her titties like she did. BUT she looks like a gotdamn platypus in the face. Shits rough.

A long time ago my homeboy @delledison, showed me how to spot the joy and bliss in the ignorant and appreciate it. And oh boy…. do I appreciate this shit. lol

And before any of you pusedo righteous wanna be Black freedom fighters come talking about how this is holding Black people back and yap yap yap. White people do WAY more ignorant shit this… DAILY. Spare me. This shit is awesome! Let them be great! lol

I have so much more to say, but fuck it lol.

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