commercial reviews Song of the Moment


I remember a lot of commercials Ive seen over the years randomly. The other day, out of the clear blue, I remembered this very awesome rock band made up by Burger King called Coq Roq; I FUCKING LOVE THEM!!!! They rocked way too fucking hard to be a fictitious band lol. They had two commercials, both with very live songs and music videos. There was “Cross The Road” and “Bob Your Head”; On the BK website, they offered both tracks for download. I used to have them both of them and rocked out to them regularly… in my car… in front of people. This shit goes so hard. I need to find those mp3s again. The hard drive that had those songs on it crashed and died a horrific death. I shed many tears. I had over 100 gigs of music on that drive. I was soooo pissed. I had all kinds of music that Ill never hear again on that drive. Anyway… Here is the other video they made, Bob Your Head.

For whatever reason I feel like the “album version” of Bob your head is different. Dah well.

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