Contrasting Perspectives

My cousin Drew, aka, Con-Drucius says:

Holding on to perspectives; We as a species are forever stuck in a state of intellectual infancy as long as people often name their children Hope or Faith but never Reason or Logic.

OJ Says:

whats wrong with that? somebody gotta do the hard work. fuck the dumb.


We cant all be smart. God doesnt want it that way (according to me and as far as i can tell). Nothing would get done.

4 replies on “Contrasting Perspectives”

first off, tell your people that Reason and Logic are names of audio programs–that’d sound mad stupid.

i’m certain that if everyone were book smart we’d be too busy circle jerking to get crap done.

sometimes we can try too hard…if the entire species is FOREVER stuck in intellectual infancy…then how does any form of intellectuality ever exist ??? lol lol lol lol….being that reason and logic are reflective of the people..society and context of the subject lol lol..and not an actually fact in stone..i dont think i need to say more about what speaks intelligence..hahaha..nothing personal..he just left his asshole wide open for that mental fucking lol lol

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