Confessions of a CrackHead

The title will be explained shortly, you bastards that always think foul shit of a nigga first.

So i was in the shower, crushed out heavenly, washin my stankin ass. When all of a sudden i had a thought. What if………. a crackhead had a blogger? I think that would be pretty damn funny. Then i thought, it would be even funnier if the shit was called "Confessions of a Crackhead". Like, everybody would know the author of the blog was a crackhead, because all he would blog about, would be crack. Like crack would be his life, scoring crack is his main function in life.

And the crack head would blog about the deplorable things that they did, to get some crack. Their adventures being a crackhead. Shit they seen that day. Shit they be thinkin about when they high. Everything about being a crack head basically.

And then, what if the site had ads on it. and the crack head was like, please click on an ad and buy something. The Ad Clicks pay for my crack. If you dont click on an ad, ill have to suck dick all night so i can score an 8ball. All the ads is shit you know you want any way baby. Come on, just click! I need to get HIGH!

I think this would be the funniest shit in the world.

I think i need to make this fucking happen.

Does anybody out there have a Uncle, Aunt, Niece, Nephew, Cousin, Baby Daddy, Moms ( LMAO!!! ok i know that was fucked up lmao ) that would like to partner up with me to get this crackin off. Nigga ill split the ad revenue with them down the middle. ( imma mail them a check tho, i dont want no crackhead comin to my damn door askin for money n shit. fuck that nigga lol )

Id ask my uncle, but i dout i could keep that nigga attention long enough for him to wanna fuck with this. He might tho, imma have to see. LMAO

Yes nigga, my uncle is "on drugs" like every other nigga got in they family. its a sad situation… but yea.
You wanna know how fucked up i am though? ( JD, get ready to laugh. ) lol i aint shit boi lol.

One day, me and JD were chillin in the office of my parents old house in Fontana on Buckeye. the office was right next to the garage, in front of the house. When you chillin in the office, if the blinds is open, you can see anybody coming to the house, from distance. So me and this nigga JD is chillin. Im in sombody chat room ( thats what i used to do with my gotdamn time like so many other people. ) and jd was sittin around, posted, reading or some shit. being blowed. We are talkin n shit, crackin jokes, whatever, shootin the shit. and out of the corner of my eye…. i see my uncle approaching the house all jipper n shit. And suddenly i was inspired by the asshole deep with in me to have a nice little laugh. On my computer at the time, i had Recording Studio monitors, you know them lil mini speakers with the big ass sound. ( dont ask … im thinking i should get some more tho, them shits was dope… anyway. ) I decent number of songs on my computer at the time. And i thought of the perfect song to play for my Uncles entrance to the house. I only did this shit because i knew JD would laugh. lmao. I scramble though my music collection real quick… and I found the song just as he came in. i double clicked on Grandmaster Flash & Melle Mel – White Lines.mp3 and i forwarded it to the perfect spot…. WHITE LIIIIIINNNNNNNEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS.
This nigga JD liked to lost his fucking mind. that shit was the guts. Im not sure if he caught the joke. and i dont really remember what happen after we started laughin. knowin my uncle he probably started groovin into the living room lmao.

Dont get too hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh.

LOL this is kinda funny. This is how hiphop started off. This shit had a message. showed you the evils of cocaine and crack. the uglyness, the unfair, the crumbled dreams. the bad side of being the dope man.
But these days?
there is a nigga out who got a snow man on a tshirt, talkin about, i got that snow, man.



Speaking of JD, he got a nice new blogger, over at The Chronic-ils. Peep it out.

12 Responses to “Confessions of a CrackHead”

  1. Anonymous

    dude, what the hell??? once a month postings??? totally unacceptable. you would never see a crackhead posting once a month…unless he was on a monthlong binge….

  2. Anonymous

    WOOO I remember that shit so well, damn, that was the coldest, and “we aint shit”
    Nigga oyur uncle is the damn guts, i remember when i first met that nigga, man before I knew he was your uncle.

    Man you can only guess where i met htis n igga at…
    and you can only guess whatthe hell he was tring to do, he was trying to squeege our windows & pump the gas!
    Niggas wasnt having none of it, then he wanted to get at my mom!
    Nigga your gonna get at my mom while your at work? ANd look where you work at?!?!?!
    Its not liek your in a suit having a power lunch or somehting, nigga you have a squeege and some dirty windex.

    I saw him like 2 or 3 times, next thign you know I see the nigga at OJ house, and he recognized me!
    Shit was surreal. But the white lines hsit was to funny… and nigga how the hell you expect a crack head to keep up a blogger, and you aint gotta pay him, just hit em off with a rock or 2.

  3. Ha…this is my first time here, but uh..yeah this is some funny isht… but crackheads can’t own no computer for too long though…they’d probably sale it. Blog be…grand opening…next day…grand closin’.

  4. Anonymous

    no doubt muthafuka gonna sell the comp to begin with, wouldnt last a day. fool could hit up a library or sumthin tho n maybe drop some lines. also not all crackheads are of the Doodoo Brown persuasion, i bet some ceo of a company smokn some boulder n haulin azz down an interstate w/ two underage bytches is out there right now.

  5. Anonymous

    ok, ok, this is some funny shit. But hey- I’m a true crackhead, not of the doodoo brown persuasion. The thing that attracts me most is the choas and peope in that type of life.Like when this girl stole my friends false teeth because they had gold in them.Or when I climbed a tree in the hood because i couldn’t peep out all the windows at once.The people with their fucked up trips, thinking shit is crawling on them all the time. I think this is a grat idea. OH I also have some crackhead inventions in mind…… Flavored brillo.A machine that separates the crack from everything else on the floor(this is not for me. I am a pro. I do not drop my dope!!!)

  6. Anonymous

    Just makin sure my fake email werked. I never sold my laptop yet, did hawk it though and got it back. I want the total drug chatroom I cant find one, where all us junk boxes can share stories and info, there isnt a chat like this yet??/