Uhmah Park

Colin Powell was on Meet The Press (Link To Full Show – that also featured Bill Clinton) this last sunday. In my opinion, he is a Republican worth listening to. And since I was listening, something he said stood out to me regarding Iran and their potential Nuclear weapon.

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He basically said, it would be dumb for Iran to create a nuclear weapon, they dont want it with us… AT ALL. Which I think is true. They have alot of land, but none of it is near anything. We have troops on both sides of the country. Whos mission would be to kill everybody. Iraq wouldnt exactly be mad about Iran getting bombed. The US would march in there and take what they wanted then after. Oh, and dont forget about Afghanistan. We’d be taking everything from there too. They are sitting on TONS of natural resources. It would be ugly… but these kind of things always are. Dont fuck up, so you dont get fucked up, is what Iran is facing. No matter how much tough talk they talkin. Iranian government is like a bunch of rappers who talk big, but nothing ever happens except a wack diss song here and there.