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Cocaine Is A Helluva Drug

Fuck that… Im way passed mad and frustrated at the moment. So pardon me….

Cocaine is truly a helluva drug. Cocaine has managed to effect damn near every nigga ever. Niggas that smoke it, niggas that sell it and niggas that aint got shit to do with the shit!!! What other drug can say that? Weed? no.. Heroin? no. Think about it Black people… how many stories do you have that revolve around cocaine or crack? Damn near every nigga in the union got at least two stories about a crackhead at the VERY least. Somebody in the family, at they job, in they neighborhood, something has been either using selling or had they shit fucked up due to cocaine, some how some way. 

Not only has Cocaine managed to affect every nigga every where in this country. But to add to the irony of it all… THE SHIT IS WHITE!!!!!!

Why do i bring that up? Because, even if every white person in this country decided to be really be serious and honest about having Black friends (lol). AND decided to just give up on opressing Black people (not saying that they all do) and giving niggas a hard time in general just for the fuck of it. If tomorrow… this society said, hey fuck it… no more racial barriers all together….

even if that was to happen the day after you read this. 

There will still be some white muthafucka, fucking shit up for niggas every where.  

Now aint that about a bitch?!

Rick James knew what he was talkin about when he spoke those famous words. It may have been funny as fuck at the time, but there is alot of truth behind the phrase. A painful truth at that. 

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