Uhmah Park

i dont know who in the hell thought that fried chicken and waffles would make a great meal…

but this person should have been given a nobel peace prize…

gotdammit that shit is hella tasty.

im am rather satisfied at the moment.

i had me some left over, greasy ass, KFC ( we call it Kahphck lol ) and some eggo’s.

man.. it was better than being on pico and la brea… didnt have to wait a long ass time to get in the door.. didnt have to worry about sittin some where you didnt wanna sit… and a whole buncha other shit.

and speaking of waffles.

i dont know how i forgot to mention the waffle house out in ATL

why is there a Waffle House every 1000 yards in ATL?

and that shit is fuckin nasty.


that shit is open 24 hours…

i can see goin to that shit after the club… kinda drunk… tryin to sober up lol.

its like goin to dennys out here… its the only spot thats open 24 hours.

shit aint THAT good… unless you are unsober.