Uhmah Park

alright… i know i said i was gonna post an update of the shit that went down for my second birthday party for my 25th birthday, like LAST week. lol it could have been two weeks ago. who knows? ive been busy lol. i got some things ive been working on. it should crack.

anyway…. like i stated before. i celerbrated my birthday for a pretty long time…. from May 21st to May 31st. Friday the 21st till that next monday, memoral day. i think i actually took that day to rest.

So, we already know what a nigga did and went thru the first weekend. that whole week, i did something just about every day. nothing big. but something. on the 27th ( my actual birthday ) i went to maggianos, one of the best places for italian food ever in history. all during the day over half of the people i knew called me to wish me a happy birthday. they either called me or sent me an email or an happy birthday instant message. Thanks to all the people that wished a nigga a happy birthday, or a happy belated birthday. later on that evening, i watched the laker game with a couple of my peoples. the lakers won of course… the lakers ALWAYS win on my birthday. i cant remember what i did later that night. probably because i got real blowed lol. that part i do remember. wooo lol.

Friday… jane was looking for something to do. so i hit up the homies and they was going to some party in north hollywood. turns out it was an asian party. no biggie. just didnt know anybody there. neither did jane… so we decided to try to do something else. i knew of this after hours spot in downtown LA called the MoonBar. this girl i know host it from 9 till like 3 or 4 in the morning. its at this place called soulfolks resturant. its a nice after hours spot. i hear the food is hella good. they just charge a whole bunch for it. the drinks was cool. i didnt get fucked offa about a good 3 of em tho. still cool over all. the only thing i dont like about this place tho. is that its near skidrow. you will walk out to your car and see a couple of muthafuckas passed out on the way to your shit. that shit kinda bothers me. its just sad really. i saw a couple actually. laid on on the ground sleep. and muthafuckas was just walkin past them. i dont know, i just wish i could help people do better for them selves sometimes. its like… they dont have to lead that life. eh. anyway… got home at like 5 that night

Saturday we went out to ivar ( Pictures! )… i had the time of my fucking life! ive NEVER had that much fun… EVER! EVER NEVER EVER! first off. i was blowed off my ASS before i even left my room to go downstairs where everybody else was at. me and JD smoked just a good two bowls of some fuego he had, and i was on cloud 25 ( pun intended … but really. i was pretty high ). so then me and this nigga JD go down stairs. Jane got here… then Peta-Gay and her friends. and i had to break out the trusty martini shakers and the Skyy Vodka. oh you know what time it is! Peral Harb… i mean Kamakazi time! lol we all took no more than 8 shots each… i know JD was fucked up. i know i was fucked up. i know Jane was fucked up, but she is a light wieght. Sylvia was drinkin Cosmos all afternoon… and evening. she could barely stand before we left the house! PetaGay Keisha and Moran, i think folded a bit. but they can drink! i know PG can. Anyway. Sylvia rented me a limo for us to go to the club in. so nobody had to worry about driving. plus… i had never been in a limo before. so she rented it for us to roll in. and gotdamn that shit was fuckin great! we piled in… there was some champane in there ( dont ask me what kind it was lol ) we popped that shit and killed that bottle before we got to the 5 freeway ( about 7 miles from here lol ). it was 7 of us. but still… we had about two glasses a peice lol. we get to the club… got in for FREE because i got the guest list hook up earlier in the week. the homies came thru for a nigga. We got to go to the front of the line… everybody else had to pay 20 bucks. i get in there… and a few of my friends were in there already wiating on us ( which explains this picture… because them niggas kept calling me . i get there and muthafuckas started handing me drinks. mind you i was already stumbling. all i was drinking that night was long island ice teas! i love them shits! the homie calvin handed me one… sunny handed me two. and i think i got two more from sylvia and somebody else. i cant remember. i think it was drew but im not sure. i got my groove on for most of the night. and depending on who you ask, they might give you a lil bit more detail of what happen, as i WONT lol. i walked around a lil bit when i was takin breaks lol. me and jane went upstairs to the vip portion of the club ( a nigga did have vip too. ) it was cool. just… it was more cracken downstairs. to where we went after a short stay. danced for the rest of the night. went back home… blacked out. great great great night. i had hella fun.

Sunday… i went basiclly to the same spot. but just upstairs from the ivar. to this industry party that was pretty cool. i meet a lot of people. i had fun that night too. it was great. i forgot how expensive drinks in hollywood are tho. 12 bucks! plus a tip if youre not being an asshole. Going to hollywood to party will tap your pockets soemthing cold. because its 20 bucks to park… if youre not on a guest list its gonna be anywhere from 15 to 20 bucks to get in certain places like ivar. but the place around the corner, star shoes. its free to get in but the drinks is a lil bit more expensive. and then yes… you do thave the the drinks that aint cheap. so its easy to blow 100 bucks havin a grand ol time in hollywood. ive done it plenty of times. but i have also mananged to only spend 20 bucks fuckin around in hollywood, gettin just as drunk and having just as much fun. but there was some pre club alchole involed and a guestlist lol.

Monday. i dont rememeber what happen. i chilled out all monday. i was trying to go some where and do something but i never got off my ass. oh well lol.

so my 25th birthday was probably the best ever. imma be disapointed if i cant get this shit crackin off for me like this every year lol.

and oh yea… speaking of pictures. The Uhmenhiem has been updated!


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