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Cedric Ceballos – Flow on

Im very upset this is a real thing. 

I didnt know this existed until today, thanks to JD. smh. asshole lol. I tried not to click on it, but based on a few jokes, I couldnt resist. Im posting this here because I dont believe I should have to be the only one who didnt know this bullshit existed; is mad its a real thing; and who cant help but click it, because they cant believe its a real thing.

This video has two scenes. After watching for a while, I thought it was going to be one scene, but eventually, they moved on to somebodies house and had a party. Typical 90s video. Shits hilarious, if youre into laughing at wack shit lol.

You would think a basketball playing millionaire in LA would have more spectacular groupies. Not that there anything wrong with these. But something seems off about that situation. I cant put my finger on it. I dont want to talk about the game either. Just… man. Fuck this lol







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