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Fuck You, Space Bags!! – 90 Seconds With OJ: EP4

Fuck You Space Bags! Word to 21 Jump Street, which i saw this weekend. It was funny as fuck! I promise.

Anyway, during the 4th Quarter of the Lakers Vs Utah game (Lakers Lost… bullshit) I decided to share my frustration about the punk ass space bags that dispensaries put their weed in. I hate them shits.

Mean while, this is darkest gotdamn video lol. shit. I need some better lighting in my office lol.

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90SWOJ: EP3 – OJ’s Super Bowl Picks

I say “uuhh” a lot. I sound like my Uncle Ken and my Dad lol. Hell… and President Obama lol. I have to find a way to get around that.

I stand by my Super Bowl picks for the time being. And Im looking forward to The Kush Bowl!

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90SWOJ: Ep 2 – Only Jesus Can Walk On Water

This shit was hella funny to me. I couldnt stop laughing; even after I watched it hella times. Im going to be pissed if somebody knows this girl and gets mad at me for laughing at her. This has happen to me at least 5 times. It sucks every time. You would think I wouldve learned my lesson by now. NOPE!

I need to find another place to record these. Its kinda dark in this mf lol. You know what though? Watching your own mannerisms when youre not an actor or in front of a camera often, can be some what unsettling lol. Might take some getting used to lol. The homie @Sasher_Thumper says I sound like a white boy lol. But I think she said it out of spite. Its ok though, I got something for her ass lol

Lastly, this title reminds me of a entry the homie @BruthaDub wrote back in the day called: Jesus Walks And Is Called For Traveling. Just the fucking title is the guts!!!! But the actual entry is funnier! THEN the comments are funny too!

Next up, my Super Bowl Picks!

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90 Seconds With OJ: Episode One


Im going to start doing a regular segment on my site called “90 Seconds with OJ”. Basically, Im on a mission to┬ábe more comfortable in front of a camera. With all the video producing I’ve done in the past, (I’ll tell that story one day) you’d think I’d be better at this shit. But whatever, practice makes perfect and its been a while.

These videos are going to be about whatever I happen to feel like staying in front of a camera at that particular time lol. If you have a topic you want me to talk about or a question you want to ask, leave a comment and I’ll respond. Im trying to have fun.

Looking at this video, it sounds like Im about to tell a boring ass band camp story or something lol. And what the fuck is up with this angle lol? And my shoulder? Im going to have to look for some where else to record these shits at lol. Im also going to have to turn off my phone, clearly its a distraction. But my ringtones are a lot like fricken awesome!

Next one will be better.

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How I Became Six Feet, Six Inches Tall

This a true story. Told by a drunk me. lol

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What Happen To Your Ankle Girl? Gotdamn!

Last week at the gym. I witnessed some very awful occurrence. This is the story in “Vlog” form.

Get better sweetheart!

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OJ’s First Video Blog

I clearly dont know what the fuck Im doing on proper video blog etiquette. But enjoy my rambling none the less. Im open to all criticism, although i might tell you to kiss my black ass. lol
Im gonna be doing video blog entries to help me get used to talking in front of a camera. Every time a camera is put in my face. I freeze. Its dumb. Unless Im drunk, Im not gonna have too much to say. Its wack.

Watching this over, I see a lot fuck ups. Im sitting here like, nigga did I really say that shit? I fuckin blew it. But I aint editing shit! lol Fuck it.

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Ron Artest Is On A Wheaties Box!

So my Los Angeles Lakers have repeated as NBA Champions for the who knows how manyith time ( like 6th ). Here I sit basking in Victory. Reeking of Revenge. Im pretty big on Revenge. I love it. I love it so much. I had to look for something more than that. I like to call it Pre-Venge. An Idea I got from George Bush lol.

We went to The Rack in Woodland Hills to watch the game. The place filled up 30 minutes before tip off. The fire marshalls showed up and everything. They stop letting people in. It was crazy.

By the forth quarter I started to get nervious. They were down. Everybody in the building was nervious! But I was still convinced we were going to pull out a victory! Insert crazy ass OJ Rant, HERE:

And then what happen? Fish hit that 3! And we were on our way to number 16 baby!!! FUCK YEA!

A Championship, plus revenge!! Plus it was the FAILtics (celtics) we beat too?! For Victory and Revenge!!? By the end of the game, I was sweating, voice was gone, all that!

I love the Lakers, I grew up in LA. And as long as ive been alive, they have been winning titles. 10 since I was born. Ive been to most of the victory parades. I hate the Failtics more than anything I can think of lol. I dont hate on other things so I can feed my irrational hate of the Celtics. I live to beat them. Even if the Lakers arent going to make the playoffs, even if they are in last place! It doesnt matter lol. I was them to fail and us to prevail!!

And nothing could be sweeter than seeing Ron Artest, who has quickly became one of my favorite Lakers ever, get in front of a camera every time he got a chance and be himself!

then… I GOT WHEATIES!!!!!!!